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Volume 1 - Classic Synths
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[A00] PATCH KING [A01] FAT STRING [A02] KNPStrings [A03] PAD STRING [A04] TV Strings
[A10] TECHNOBASS [A11] FM Bass [A12] Orch HitsA [A13] Orch HitsB [A14] Orch HitsC
[A15] Orch HitsD [A16] TineRhodes [A17] Pad Rhodes [A18] RMI PIANO [A19] 70'sRhodes
[A20] BrassyLead [A21] Synth Sax [A22] Alto 5th [A23] BrassEnsmb [A24] Brass 4ths
[A25] Clari/Oboe [A26] KNP FLUTE [A27] Pan Flute\ [A28] Orch Winds [A29] SopranoSax
[A30] Toots & CO [A31] Fairlight* [A32] Choir Ahh\ [A33] Bell Choir [A34] Choir 5ths
[A35] Mellotron [A36] LeadSynth [A37] Pro Lead [A38] SY99Synth [A39] Lakota'78
[A40] North Pole [A41] 2010 [A42] Funkmaster [A43] Rotary Org [A44] ScreaminB3
[A45] OrganStops [A46] Magic Pipe [A47] ROGUESynth [A48] Anna Pad [A49] Pan Pad
[A50] Fat Brass [A51] Brass4ths [A52] Mr.Mute [A53] Vox Bone [A54] MultiPatch
[A55] For Andy [A56] Mr Softie [A57] DigitalSyn [A58] StringOrgn [A59] BluejayWay
[A60] Symphony93 [A61] Orch Mix \ [A62] Bonzina * [A63] PPG WAVE [A64] Zap
[A65] SporingKNP [A66] EP*Choir [A67] Mello Pads [A68] Pro5 Bells [A69] OB8 Synth
[A70] KavaMania [A71] PluckSynth [A72] TX802 Bell [A73] OBX Brass [A74] 01W Clone
[A75] MKS80 Lead [A76] MagicSynth [A77] DancePiano [A78] Cool Combo [A79] East Synth
[A80] Mod Lead [A81] Moog Lead [A82] MKS70 Synt [A83] Fat Lead [A84] HeavyBrass
[A85] IGGY \ [A86] Nightmares [A87] IN A CAVE [A88] RunningBel [A89] Spector
[A90] NYC Storm [A91] The Swarm [A92] Synth Mix [A93] Industrial [A94] D-MINOR
[A95] Soundtrack [A96] Protron [A97] SundayMorn [A98] SCI-FI [A99] CHUD
[A00] Hello KNP [A01] Prototype [A02] Moog Bass [A03] Fat Brass [A04] HouseBass\
[A05] BassPads [A06] DeepSpace9 [A07] Mega Hits [A08] Big Splits [A09] 251-W30th
[A10] Complex \ [A11] Take Off [A12] Giant Padx [A13] VS Rack [A14] Space Game
[A15] NY Philly [A16] Sail Away [A17] Pads R<Us [A18] PROTONeast [A19] GODIVA
[A20] Bass Sax [A21] Astros [A22] VOYETRA [A23] Bass Pads [A24] Multi Land
[A25] PAD Gospel [A26] ForThe90^s [A27] OnThe Moon [A28] Cockspur [A29] Captain B
[A30] Wavestatin [A31] InchMarlo\ [A32] WarmString [A33] JD800 [A34] OrchHits+
[A35] B3 Pads [A36] 01W Pro% [A37] YansTheme\ [A38] For Mary [A39] Rainy Day
[A40] JAZZ COMBO [A41] ORCH COMBO [A42] StarLight [A43] BIG THANG [A44] SUPER JX
[A45] String Sec [A46] T3or44\Pad [A47] A Dream #9 [A48] Big Pipes [A49] Fairlight7
[A50] InOld ROME [A51] OrchLayers [A52] PowerOrgan [A53] WinterTale [A54] JungleBlue
[A55] FairltPads [A56] Funky Lead [A57] BFChaser \ [A58] ForMom&Dad [A59] EPC Piano
[A60] TV MIX [A61] TV MIX #2 [A62] TV MIX #3 [A63] EastBombay [A64] Superbowl
[A65] Mr. 5ths [A66] HardWinter [A67] Gardinia [A68] E.Piano * [A69] Windy
[A70] New Age #1 [A71] New Age #2 [A72] New Age #3 [A73] Bow String [A74] SHAQ ATTAC
[A75] Pro Mix [A76] ENYA 88 [A77] Spacy EP [A78] JohnsonsWD [A79] Zero G
[A80] Korg Wave [A81] More Hits [A82] CityString [A83] Alto Pads [A84] Organ Hits
[A85] Drip Drop [A86] Bent Bells [A87] ForThe Kid [A88] Bass Pads [A89] BassString
[A90] Wood Split [A91] 1999 [A92] Overtime [A93] Wathemplar [A94] KurlweilPD
[A95] PPG Wave 2 [A96] Good Day [A97] SlowOrgan [A98] Shimmering [A99] KNP7/17/93