New Downloadable AIFF and WAV Files

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We have updated updated our downloadable AIFF and WAV file database with 100 new files including: Producers – Drum & Bass, Digital and Analog Pads, Funk and Electric Guitars, Vintage Synths, Effectron – Sound Effects and more.

Included are new sounds from our recently released Hip Hop/R&B Mix for the Yamaha Motif Series.

Sounds Compatible with all software samplers or any hardware sampler that reads aiff or wav files. $5 per file package with as many as 30 samples in a package. Buy 6 and get two free. You can download your sounds within hours of ordering. Click on the “Download Sounds” link from the Patch King home page.

More Info At The Patch King Website


Midi Tips Up And Running with “Sysex Made Simple”

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I’ve posted our first article in the Midi Tips category titled “Sysex Made Simple”. Sysex is short for “system exclusive”. A term well known by some and a mysterious hi tech lingo to others.

We wanted to use the blog as a way to answer our most frequently asked questions in detail so I’ve started things off with probably the most popular question….“What Is Sysex and why should I care about it”?

Click HERE to learn all about sysex


Kid Nepro Launches The Patch King Podcast

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Welcome to our first Podcast. We thought that adding a podcast to the Kid Nepro site would be a great way for our customers to stay in touch with all the latest developments going on in the patch kingdom including updates on our new releases and audio demos, music industry news and generally what’s going on in the world of music.

Join Proton as he plays some demos from our latest release for the Yamaha Motif and talks about, music industry news, classic rock, politics and lot’s more.

We hope to produce a new podcast on average of once a month so please subscribe to our podcast or mailing list and we will contact you about our new releases or when a new podcast is available online. Customer feedback is very important to us so feel free to post any comments at our blog or send us an e-mail with your questions or comments.

Click Here to listen to The Patch King Podcast

Click Here to link to our RSS Feed

You can subscribe to our Podcast at:


Patch King Releases Three WAV CD’s as Downloads

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Now you can get three of our most popular WAV CD-ROMS within hours of placing your order. We have now expanded our downloadable sounds database to include three of our best selling WAV CD’s.

1- The Kings Collection Volume #1 – mixes sounds from multiple sound libraries. Everything from Orchestral Strings and Brass to Funk, Acoustic and Rock Guitars. Also includes everything on our Drum and Bass CD. Over 25 custom drum kits containing ever 1000 single shot drum samples.

2- Midi Mix – contains samples from over 25 of the best synthesizers released over the past three decades. All sounds are sampled from our custom made sound libraries and then layered together to create unique textures not found anywhere else.

3- Effectron Sound Effect Collection – All the sound effects you need in one complete package. It’s loaded with crowd noises, jungle effects, sounds of nature, guns and rockets, heartbeat, machines and the most requested sound effects. Perfect for composers doing TV or film work or producers that need that special effect on their track.

Just pick the WAV format and FREE e-mail delivery at our online order form and we will set up a download and you can be working with your new sounds the same day!

More info and MP3 demos can be found at; Kid Nepro’s Sample City.


Fillmore East Storys

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Many of you may know Kid Nepro from the sounds that I make for synths and samplers. This blog has given me the opportunity to write a little more about some of my other interests so I started the “Classic Rock” category.

Rock music from the 60’s and 70’s is one of my passions. The music that I make has been heavily influenced by music from that era and I wanted to share some of my thoughts about it. As a teenager I was lucky enough to attend several Fillmore East concerts before the classic rock theatre closed in June of 1971. I was actually backstage at the last public performance and got to meet several rock icons including the legendary Bill Graham. It was one of those moments I will never forget. Many years later I wrote everything down and created a web page about that night and how it influenced me in wanting to become a musician.

You can find it Over here

Click Here for a taste of the music from that weekend.

If you were lucky enough to be have been at any of the Fillmore East or West shows during that time I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to post your stories in the comments section.

BTW: In case you have not checked it out yet be sure to visit Wolfgangs Vault for some of the best music never heard!


New Release for Native Instruments Kontakt, Kompakt, Intakt and Battery Samplers

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Kid Nepro is now offering a special bundle package on our five CD-ROM collection for Native Instruments samplers. Get all five CD-ROMS with over 7000 samples and over two gigs of sample data on one easy to load DVD for $250.

The sample collection includes;

1- Drum & Bass – contains over 1000 Single Shot Drum and Percussion Samples arranged in 25 custom drum kits from Nepro’s MPC Series, ASR and SP1200 Sound Libraries. Basses include 100 Multi Sampled Bass Instruments from the Prophet VS to MKS80 as well as HIP HOP, R&B, Electric, Acoustic, Sub Basses and more. Also included are 100 Bonus Drum Beats from Kid Nepro’s Triton & Karma Rhythm and Beat Collections as well as Orchestra and Horn Hits, Techno Percussion and Assorted Hits and Bits.

2- Killer Keyboards – Includes a wide assortment of classic keyboard samples. Rhodes and Wurlitzer Electric Pianos, Electric Grand Pianos, Hammond B3, Farfisa and Pipe Organs, D6 Clavinets, Harpsichords and a MIDI mix of layered keyboard textures.

3- Vintage Synths – New samples from some of the most popular vintage synths ever made. Classic sounds from the Prophet-5, Prophet VS, OB8, Matrix-12, Xpander, Jupiter-8, MKS80, Synclavier, ARP2600, Fairlight, Mellotron, Voyetra-8, DX7 and much more.

4- Midi Mix – contains samples from over 25 of the best synthesizers released over the past three decades. All sounds are sampled from Nepro’s custom made sound libraries and then layered together to create unique textures not found anywhere else.

5- Kings Collection – mixes sounds from multiple sound libraries. Everything from Orchestral Strings and Brass to Funk, Acoustic and Rock Guitars. All the Sound Effects from their Effectron Library and hundreds of Rhythm & Beats from their Triton and Karma Rhythm & Beat CD.

Sounds are also available as Downloadable Files at only $5. per download package. Order online download delivery and have your new sounds the same day.

Complete information, soundlists and MP3 demos can be found at the Patch King web site;

New Release from The Patch King for Yamaha Motif and Motif-ES Series

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Volume 5 – Hip Hop/R&B Mix – 50 New Multi Samples, 4 New Drum Kits and 128 New Voices.

We wanted to try something new with our fifth Motif soundbank so we decided to dig into their large collection of sounds and import several new multi samples into the Motif sample RAM.

Fifty new .wav samples were imported from our Akai-MPC and EMU-SP1200 sound libraries. Classic samples geared for Hip Hop and R&B tracks including kicks, snares, hi hats as well as several horn, guitar and orchestra hits. No RAM expansion is needed for the Motif to be able to access the new samples.

The new .wav samples were then used to create four custom drum kits and 128 new voices. The voices combine the new multi samples and factory samples and as well as the Motif on board effects and ARP patterns. A mix of new drum beats, basses, leads, guitars, strings and pads and a wide variety of keyboard sounds that are aimed at keyboard players, producers and DJ’s creating Hip Hop and R&B tracks.

Kid Nepro is running a special on all our synth sounds this month. Buy one and get one free so you can get any two Motif sound banks for the price of one. Check out the “May Sound Sale” link for more info.

Complete information, soundlists and MP3 demos can be found at the Patch King web site;


New Ringtone Collection Updated

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Looking for some cool ringtones that you can download? You’ve come to the right place! Downloadable ringtones are just a click away.

Kid Nepro (AKA: The Patch King) has updated our ring tone collection for mobile phone users. The collection contains now contains 150 digital samples (Real Tones) in MP3 format created from The Patch Kings library of patches and samples.

The ring tone library has two main sections;

1- Bells – The bell sounds are melodies created from Kid Nepro synth and sample libraries libraries including sounds from the Roland D50, Sequential Prophet VS, Korg Triton, Karma, Wavestation, Yamaha DX7 and more.

2- Rhythm & Beats – Include a wide variety of musical styles ranging from MPC and SP1200 Hip Hop, Techno, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Reggae and Classical Themes.

Download our ringtones to your computer or directly to your mobile phone. Only $1. per ringtone! More info and demos can be found at:

The Sample City Section Of Our Web Site


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