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Elite-3 Killer Keyboards Collection samples the very best classic
keyboard instruments. Vintage Keyboard Sounds used on thousands of classic tracks.
Killer Rhodes and Wurli Electric Pianos, B3 and Farfisa Organs,
Funky D6 Clavinets, Pipe Organs, Gospel Organs and Harpsichords.
Get that 60's and 70's sound with Killer Keyboards from The Patch King. ONLY $30.

Also Available as Disk Images via download delivery.

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Any TWO CD-ROMS Only $50 • Get ALL THREE only $80.

AKAI Samplers have long been the industry standard for sound quality and solid reliability.
Because of this fact many other samplers and soft-samplers accept the AKAI sample
format including:

  • Kurzweil K2000S - K2500S
  • Korg Triton
  • Yamaha Motif - EX Series - A Series
  • Roland Samplers (after the S series)
  • Bitheadz Propellorheads Reason
  • Steinberg Halion
  • Native Instruments Kontakt & Battery
  • Gigasampler, MachFive and many others
In fact if you check your manual, 9 times out of 10 you'll find that AKAI format is supported.
Important Note: All programs are multi sampled and key mapped across the keyboard for you.
JUST LOAD AND PLAY. The Patch King makes it easy for you to start making music right away.
All Program Set Ups are compatible with any hardware or software sampler that reads Akai S-Series programs.
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Elite Series Vol 3 Sample CD for Akai and Compatibles - Only $30
SPECIAL- Get Volumes 1 and 3 for Only $50
SPECIAL- Get Volumes 2 and 3 for Only $50
• • • BEST DEAL ! ! ! - Get All Three for Only $80 • • •
Studio Rhodes Wah Rhodes R & B Rhodes Fender Rhodes 1 FM Rhodes
Fender Rhodes 2 Fender Rhodes 2 Dyno Rhodes 1 Dyno Rhodes 2 FM Rhodes 2
Dyno Rhodes 3 Wah Rhodes 2 Rhodes/Strings Wurlitzer 1 FM B3 Organ
Wurlitzer 2 Wurlitzer 3 Electric Grand Multi Piano FM Funk Clavi
Piano Pad Piano Strings Steinway 1 Electric Grand 2 Dance Clavi
Piano/Strings 2 Deep Purple B3 Proton B3 Full Stop B3 Rezo Clavi
Mello B3 Steppinwolf B3 Percussion B3 Booker T B3 Dr Funk Clavi
Doors Farfisa 96 Tears Farfisa Monkeys Farfisa Rotery Farfisa Piano String 3
Pipe Organ Bach Organ Church Organ Radio City Organ Mid Grand Piano
Full Pipe Organ MKS80 Synth Pad Reed/Pipe Organ Bach Organ 2 West Coast Grand
Gospel Organ The Bands B3 Overdrive B3 Screamin B3 Magic Organ
Vox Organ Club Date Organ Solo B3 Rascals B3 At Church
Jazz B3 D6 Clavinet 1 D6 Clavinet 2 P-Funk Clavinet Power Pipe
Dukes Clavinet Harpsichord 1 Harpsichord 2 P-Collins Piano Tremolo Wurlitzer1
Nepro Piano + Piano/Choir Tremolo Rhodes Jazz Rhodes Tremolo Wurlitzer2
Sine Rhodes Sine Rhodes 2 Hard Lead Rhodes Classic Wurlitzer Funk Rhodes
Classic Wurlitzer 2 Wah Wurlitzer Phaze Wurlitzer Dream Keys Vox Rhodes
E-Piano/Pad E-Piano/Pad 2 E-Piano/Choir 73 Rhodes Dyno Rhodes 3
Chorus Rhodes Hancock Rhodes Brite DX E-Piano