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Akai MPC Sample Library

Disk Images For: MPC60 • MPC60-MK II
MPC2000 • MPC2000-XL • MPC3000

Digital Sample Library
Only $5 Each

$150. For All 170 Disk Images

Complete Library available on CD-ROM or ZIP Images for MPC2000/MPC2000-XL

Pick the "SAMPLES - DISK IMAGE" format - 4 File Minimum Order

NOTE: Disks #153 - 266 are NOT compatible with the Original MPC60 and MPC60-MK II
Let Us Know Which MPC You Have and pick the "SAMPLES - DISK IMAGE FORMAT" when ordering.

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Drums & Percussion - Drum Kits average 16-32 sounds on each
101 Hip Hop Kicks & Snares 133 House Kit 151 Assorted Snares
102 Gangsta Drums 140 Classic Beat Boxes 152 HipHop 2000 Drum Kit
103 Megamix Drums - HHop Drums 141 Assorted Hi Hats & Cymbals 153 SP1200 Kicks & Snares Vol1
104 Nepro 808 Rap - Drum Kit 142 Funk Drum Kit #1 155 SP1200 Kicks & Snares Vol2
109 Nepro 909 Dance - Drum Kit 143 Funk Drum Kit #2 156 Assorted SP1200 Hi Hats
119 Rare Groove Drum Kit 144 Oberheim DMX Drum Kit 157 Simmons Drum Kit
125 Linn 9000 Drum Kit 145 Raggae RX5 Drum Kit 179 Orchestral Percussion
126 Rap-22 Kit 146 Raggae RX7 Drum Kit 180 East Indian Percussion
127 Rock Power Kit 147 Greasy Hip Hop Drums 181 Jazz Drum Kit
129 Analog Drum Kit 148 Soul Food - HHOP Drums V1 NEW 227 Hip Hop 2002 Drum Kit
130 Latin Kit 149 Soul Food - HHOP Drums V2 NEW 241 Hip Hop 2003 Drum Kit
131 Live Acoustic Kit 150 Assorted Kicks NEW 265 Hip Hop Kicks & Snares V2
268 Techno/Acid Drum Kit 269 Assorted Tom Toms 270 Industrial Drum Kit
Basses & Guitars - Bass & Guitar Disks Average 12-16 sounds on each
115 Digital/Analog Bass Mix 159 Electric Guitars #2 182 Elec-Acoustic Basses
116 Digital/Analog Bass Mix #2 160 Hip Hop Basses #1 202 -204 SUB Basses - 3 Disk Set $5.
117 Digital/Analog Bass Mix #3 161 Hip Hop Basses #2 NEW 242 KN Triton Sub & Wah Basses
118 Mini Moog Bass Mix 162 Hip Hop Basses #3 NEW 243 KN Triton MOSS Synth Basses
158 Electric Guitars #1 172 Hip Hop Basses #4 NEW 266 Triton Guitar Gods
Assorted Synths - Synths Average 8-12 sounds on each
124 Techno Acid Mix/Analog Synths V1 163 KN Juno Synths 1 184 KN Prophet-VS Synths
134 KN Wavestation Wave Sequences 164 KN Juno Synths 2 185 KN Prophet-5 Synths
135 KN Wavestation Wave Seq #2 165 KN Juno Synths 3 201 Fairlight Synth Assortment
136 KN Wavestation Wave Seq #3 166 Rave/Dance Synth Sounds NEW 244 Nepro Triton MOSS Synths #1
139 Classic Analog Synths 183 KN Wavestation Synth Sounds NEW 245 Nepro Triton MOSS Synths #2
267 Techno Acid Mix/Analog Synths V2
Drum Loops - Loops Average 6-8 sounds on each
105 Hip Hop Loops Vol #1 111 House/Dance Loops Vol #2 121 Rare Groove & Funk Loops #2
106 Hip Hop Loops Vol #2 112 House/Dance Loops Vol #3 122 Rare Groove & Funk Loops #3
107 Hip Hop Loops Vol #3 113 House/Dance Loops Vol #4 123 Rare Groove & Funk Loops #4
108 Hip Hop Loops Vol #4 114 House/Dance Loops Vol #5
110 House/Dance Loops Vol #1 120 Rare Groove & Funk Loops #1
NEW Triton Drum Beats - From Our Triton Hip Hop/R&B Mix
Loops Average 4-5 beats on each.
205 Triton Drum Beats Vol #1 213 Triton Drum Beats Vol #9 220 Triton Drum Beats Vol #16
206 Triton Drum Beats Vol #2 214 Triton Drum Beats Vol #10 221 Triton Drum Beats Vol #17
207 Triton Drum Beats Vol #3 215 Triton Drum Beats Vol #11 222 Triton Drum Beats Vol #18
208 Triton Drum Beats Vol #4 216 Triton Drum Beats Vol #12 223 Triton Drum Beats Vol #19
209 Triton Drum Beats Vol #5 217 Triton Drum Beats Vol #13 224 Triton Drum Beats Vol #20
210 Triton Drum Beats Vol #6 218 Triton Drum Beats Vol #14 225 Triton Drum Beats Vol #21
211 Triton Drum Beats Vol #7 219 Triton Drum Beats Vol #15 226 Triton Drum Beats Vol #22
212 Triton Drum Beats Vol #8
Assorted Instruments
128 Hip Hop Hits & Bits - Classic HH 169 Nepro Super Strings 177 Hip Hop Horn Hits
132 Hip Hop Hits & Bits #2 170 HipHop MX- Kiks/Snares/Hats & Mo 178 Orchestra Hits
137 Club Vocal Bytes 171 HipHop MX2- Kiks/Snares/Hats & Mo NEW 228 Bell Tree and Triton Hits
138 Club Vocal Bytes #2 173 E. Pianos - Rhodes - Single Notes NEW 229 HipHop Hits & Funk/Wah Gitars
154 R&B Brass-Winds 174 E. Pianos - Wurlitzer - Single Notes NEW 230 Strings & Riffs
167 Orchestra FX #1 175 Orchestra Strings NEW 246 Rhodes Piano's Chords
168 Orchestra FX #2 176 Orchestra Pizzi Strings NEW 247 Wurlitzer Piano's Chords & Riffs
Assorted Special Effects - Disks 186-200 MPC2000 ONLY
186 Animals #1 192 SCI-FI Machine FX 198 City Traffic
187 Animals & Nature 193 SCI-FI Machine FX #2 199 Assorted TV FX #3
188 Factory Machines 194 SCI-FI Machine FX #3 200 Storm - Wind
189 Jungle & Machines 195 Assorted TV FX NEW 238 Guns, Machine Guns, Rockets
190 Movie FX #1 196 Assorted TV FX #2 NEW 239 Cop & Ambulance Sirens
191 Movie FX #2 197 The Jungle - Animals/Percussion NEW 240 Crowd Noise - 3 disk set $5
NEW Rhythm Loops - From Our Triton Collection
Loops Average 4-5 beats on each.
231 Band Riffs #1 249 Triton Classic Synths Loops V2 257 Triton Classic Synths Loops V10
232 Band Riffs #2 250 Triton Classic Synths Loops V3 258 Triton MOSS Synth Loops V1
233 Bass Lines #1 251 Triton Classic Synths Loops V4 259 Triton MOSS Synth Loops V2
234 Bass Lines #2 252 Triton Classic Synths Loops V5 260 Triton MOSS Synth Loops V3
235 Drum/Bass Beats #1 253 Triton Classic Synths Loops V6 261 Triton MOSS Synth Loops V4
236 Drum/Bass Beats #2 254 Triton Classic Synths Loops V7 262 Triton MOSS Synth Loops V5
237 Drum/Bass Beats #3 255 Triton Classic Synths Loops V8 263 Triton MOSS Synth Loops V6
248 Triton Classic Synths Loops V1 256 Triton Classic Synths Loops V9 264 Triton MOSS Synth Loops V7

Please Note: Our Akai sounds are now available as "Disk Images" only and delivered by our free "Download Delivery". Please check the above link, which fills you in on exactly how it works. We've tried to provide the sounds on floppy disks for as long as possible. However, I'm sorry to say that we have discontinued delivering libraries on floppy disk. The good news is the disk image files are exactly the same as the floppys and cost half as much. You just have to create your own floppys from the images. We provide a app that lets you do that. Or, if you have a USB Floppy Drive Emulator connected to your sampler that replaces the floppy drive, you can save the images to that device and load the sounds from that.

Akai and Roger Linn first collaborated in 1988 and released the original MPC60. The MPC expanded on the great idea of the "sampling drum machine" that Linn and Sequential Circuits started when they first introduced the Classic "Linn 9000" and "Studio 440" sampling/drum boxes. The Hip Hop crowd when crazy for them. Expanding the concepts of the Linn and Sequential beat boxes, the MPC included a more powerful sequencer, more sampling memory and even an optional SCSI interface. With all these cool, new features, the MPC went on to become one of Akai's best sellers. So good, that twenty years later Akai is still producing bigger and better MPC's with no plans to stop making them.

Hip Hop and the MPC will forever be linked together. Just about anyone who is anyone in the world of Hip Hop has or is using a MPC in their sound rig. Thousands of Hip Hop tracks have been created using nothing but a MPC. The name "MPC" has gotten so big over the years that it has even produced a completely new group of sound companies detected to just selling MPC sounds. It's great to see that one instrument can help create jobs and income for musicians and entrepreneurs worldwide.

30 Years of Akai MPC's

Kid Nepro is one of the few sound companies still around which were in business back in 1988 when the original MPC was released. We purchased our first MPC way back then and have been bangin out sounds for it ever since. As a result, we have have a large library of quality MPC sounds. And....it's not just drum sounds either. It's pretty much anything you need to produce a complete track on a MPC. The collection is filled with basses, guitars, keyboards, strings, hits and bits and hundreds of sound effects.

The sounds listed above are available on floppy disks for the original MPC60, MPC60-MK2 and MPC2000 Series. We also have the complete collection available on CD-ROM or ZIP Disk and also sell hard to find SCSI CD-ROM and Zip Drives if you need one. Most of the newer MPC's also will read WAV files so be sure to check out our WAV database. Our WAV library is massive and filled with tons of cool stuff which you can download and start using in your tracks today.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us via phone or e-mail. Thank's for your support and Happy Sampling!