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Akai MPC Sample Library V2

Click here for
MPC Millennium-2
Digital Sample Library
for MPC2000 • MPC2000-XL • MPC4000

Phat Sounds for your MPC from "The Patch King"
50 Custom Programs for your MPC2000, MPC2000-XL & MPC4000.
All samples are Pre-Mapped across the pads for you.
Just load and play!!

Millennium-2 is packed with New Sound FX, Synth & Keyboard Sounds
Strings, Techno/Acid Mix, Drums and More! Ver 3.0 New Update

A Total of Over 1000 Samples For Only $30

CD-ROM or Download
Or Floppy Disk Format
Also Available as Disk Images via download delivery.

SPECIAL BUNDLES: Get Any Two Millennium Disks for $50
or Get All Three Millennium Series CD's for Only $80

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Millennium 2 CD-ROM - Only $30
Millennium 1 and 2 CD-ROMs - Only $50
Millennium 2 and 3 CD-ROMs - Only $50  
All 3 Millennium CD-ROMs - Only $80  
Orchestra FX Soundtrack FX V1 Jungle FX Soundtrack FX V2
Big City FX Crowd Noise V1 Guns & Rockets Sirens
Cop Siren/City Traffic Assorted Animals Breaking Glass Trains
Crowd Noise V2 Prophet-5 Mix Analog Synths Mix Juno 106 Mix
Classic Synth Mix Fairlight Mix Wurli EP Riffs Wurli EP Chords
Wa Rhodes Chords Jazz Rhodes Chords R&B Rhodes Chords V1 R&B Rhodes Chords V2
Wurli Chords & Riffs Bell Tree/HH Hits Hip Hop Hits & Bits Techno/Acid Drums
Techno/Acid Synth Mix V1 Techno/Acid Synth Mix V2 Techno/Acid Synth Mix V3 Nepro 909 Dance Kit
Kiks & Snares Mix V1 Kiks & Snares Mix V2 Assorted Tom Toms Church Bells
Gongs Bowed Strings Double Basses V1 Double Basses V2
Sitar/Drone V1 Sitar/Drone V2 Assorted Bells Steel Drums/Marimba
Industrial Percussion Industrial Sound FX OB8 Jump Brass Vibes
Xylophone Wah Guitars