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Minimoog V Collection
Now Available! Kid Nepro Arturia Minimoog V Collection. A cool mix of 100 new virtual analog patches that will spice up your Arturia Minimoog.

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Minimoog V Collection
V Collection Bundle Pack
Includes 100 New Patches
Minimoog V Soundbank
$25 or get all Five V Collections for only $100.
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The original Minimoog was released in 1970. By the time it was discontinued in 1981, about 13,000 were produced. One of the true landmark synthesizers produced though the 70's - it's compact design, great sound and easy to use interface made it popular with both Rock & Jazz keyboard players ranging from Keith Emerson to Chick Corea. The Minimoog was designed to include the most important parts of a modular synthesizer in a small package, without the need for patch cords.

The original Minimoog is monophonic and its three-oscillator design gave it its famous fat sound. The Minimoog Model D adapted some of the circuitry (such as the filter section) from earlier modular instruments, but designed other circuitry (such as the oscillators and contour generators) from scratch. You could not save patches in it's internal memory - so just one sound at a time could be stored and played. Yeah, that's the way things were back then! Original Minimoogs did not have midi, but you could get several midi retro kits which could be installed to give you basic midi features. Kenton makes a good own which we have installed on our vintage Minimoog.

Kid Nepro Original Minimoog - C-1974

Moving ahead to 2004, the Minimoog come into the digital age when "Arturia" recreated the classic in a virtual software version called the Minimoog V. It has all the original parameters as the original with lot's of cool new features including polyphony (so you could play more then one note at a time), digital effects and much more real time controls via the new modulation matrix. Of course, you can now store as many patches as you like and recall them with the click of a mouse.

Kid Nepro purchased his first original Minimoog back in the mid 80's and has been using them ever since. We still have one in our studio which continues to get lots of use when we are looking for that certain sound - that only the Moog can provide. So for us, programming a Minimoog is like riding a bicycle - you never forget how to do it! The collection of sounds that we have programmed for the Arturia V collection is done with expert care from someone who knows the Minimoog very well - so you can be sure that the sounds are well crafted and sound great.

Our Minimoog V Collection is available as a download via our free e-mail delivery. Just open the file in your Arturia software and your ready to roll! Pick the Mac or PC "patches" format when ordering online at our web site. Please contact us if you need any more info.