The Canarsie Music Scene - Early 70's

Now that we had been to the mountain we knew what we wanted to do. Play music and go to Allman concerts.

There were the three of us. Harris, Scott & me. By that time, Gene was off in another world and we only hung with him when he had his famous parties. Yeah, it seemed that all of Canarsie was at Genes house on Saturday nights. Great times!

Genes House - 99th St & Ave M

Scene of the best parties I've ever been to!

We lived for the Allmans. Every New York concert during the summer of 1971 we were at. The Fillmore concerts, Manhattan Center, The Schaefer music festival In central park (that was a good one). We loved every minute. Then the Allmans took a little break for a couple of months and we had nothing to do except get high and listen to the records. When school started again in September tickets for a Thanksgiving gig at Canargie Hall went on sale. We were at the front of the line and managed to get fourth row tickets. We were in heaven.

Then came that dark day in October, the 29th to be exact. Duane Allman was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. Our hearts and souls were ripped out the same way when you lose a family member or close friend. We felt we knew Duane as a friend and brother even though we had never met him. We were touched by his music. The Canargie Hall concerts went on but the rest of the band was not ready to play without Duane yet. Things would never be the same.

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