Battle Of The Bands - 1972

After playing the same five songs over & over about a thousand times we felt we were ready for the big night. We were hot and were going to kick some ass. We had the songs down note for note and couldn't wait for the battle. We were definitely going to win this year.

Blues Bait performing at the battle of the bands.

Then the word came that there was this other band that had just formed that had two amazing guitar players. The name of the band was "Blues Bait" and the guitar players were Steve Liberty and Warren Cuccurullo. Yes, the same Warren who played guitar for Duran Duran and who has made quite a name for himself since joining Frank Zappas band in the late 70's. These guys were hot and played lots of different stuff. Our hearts sank as we watched them play at a local gig. We had second thoughts about being the winner this year. We went home and played the songs again.

The Grateful Gauchos at the battle

The night of the gig was a cold friday night in February. We were freezing our butts off trying to lift Neil's 300 pound B3 organ into Garfinkles van. That was the worst thing about these gigs. We had no rodies and had to move all the stuff ourselves. Moving equipment sucked! We finally got all the stuff moved into the school and waited for our turn. We were in our normal drug crazed state of mind. The grams of coke were flying that night. It was also when we first got into doing nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Those were the days when you could just buy a tank for a few bucks and go over to that gas place on Utica Ave and fill it up. Unreal! I was so wiped that I was shaking when we started playing the first song "Statesboro Blues".

The Grateful Gauchos at the battle

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