All the acts that played before us were pretty lame so when we started the crowd got into it. Canarsie was filled with Allman freaks and all our friends were there too. As I remember the old auditorium was almost full and that place held about a thousand people. Canarsie HS was rockin as we played through "Done Somebody Wrong" & "Midnight Rider". Not only did we sound great but we floored everyone with the light show that Scott had set up. He called it “Moles Lights”. When we broke into the next number "Elizabeth Reed", Scott shut all the lights in the place and whipped the spotlight onto this mirrored ball that we had made ourselves. This was not just another mirrored ball like the ones used in the discos during the 70's. This was a fucking monster size mirrored ball that was about three times the size of anything I had ever seen. When the spotlight hit it made these massive rays that just covered the entire place. Everyone, including us were blown away.

By the time Elizabeth Reed had ended, we knew what we wanted out of life and that was to become rock stars. What an amazing high it was to have a thousand people cheering your every move. We had been to concerts before as the audience and that was cool, but being the performer was a whole different thing. There was nothing else that even came close to that feeling and that's not including all the women that we met! Rock stars did have it all. We used to have a saying among ourselves, "musicians get the most chicks".

Our last song was the "You don't love me boogie". We didn't have time to play the whole version, so we played the last ten minutes of the boogie jam at the end. We thought it would make a powerful ending. We started playing the tune and about two minutes into the song a disaster happened. Our worst nightmare. All the electrical power on the stage was cut off except for one power outlet, the one that led to Harris’s amp. The keyboard, bass & other guitar amps were dead. Well, old Harris did not skip a beat. He saw this as his big moment so he kept right on playing along with the two drummers. He jammed for a good couple of minutes before the power came back on. Harris had saved the day. The audience never knew what happened. We finished the song and the crowd went nuts at the end. Maybe we would win tonight after all.

Harris with his famous "Academy of Music" T-shirt. He never took that shirt off! Russ & Scott in background.

I still wonder to this day if that was an accident or not. Maybe Harris slipped someone a few bucks to shut off all the power except for his amp. A real Gaucho move!

Well it turned out that Blues Bait was declared the winner with the Gauchos running a close second. It did not matter to us. We were rock stars for a night.

This one was always my favorite shot of the old group. It captures a classic moment in time for me.

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