Shortly after the 1972 Battle of the bands the Gauchos as well as Blues Bait started to have personality conflicts. Before you knew it both bands had broken up. Harris & Liberty were friends from public school and would jam together at Liberty and Warrens house. By that time Warren was getting more into Frank Zappa and started his own band doing mostly Zappa songs. Harris and Liberty then started to hang out together and had the idea of putting another band together using members of both Blues Bait and the Gauchos.

Uva Kanes at Canarsie High Concert - November 1973

Harris called me to be the keyboard player and Fleisher & Garfinkle to be the two drummers. Liberty got Brent Sewell from Blues bait to be the bass player and before you new it UVA-KANES was born. Our first gig was a concert at Canarsie High in November of 1973. Of course, we did mostly Allman tunes with a couple of other songs mixed in.

As time went on we started to get tired of playing the same Allman tunes over and over again and we started to write our own material. We knew that we could not go on copying the Allmans forever and figured that was the next step to becoming rock stars. We put a new set of songs together and performed them at the high school in May of 1974. We were the only band on the bill and several hundred people showed up to see us. We were stars for a night and felt that our big break was coming soon.


Uva-Kanes at Canarsie High Concert - May 1974

After graduation day in June 74' we all took a break and forgot about music for awhile. Then in September, Gene met a guy named Eddie Claridge. Eddie had lot's of connections and got us a gig at the Capital Theater in Portchester, NY that he was putting on Halloween night.

Well that was it. We saw this as our big break into the music scene. We all got back together and started rehearsing for the big gig coming up. This was our chance to make our dreams come true. We got Gene to be our manager. We were on our way.

I finally got my own keyboard for the gig in May of 74'! A Fender Rhodes Electric Piano which I still own.

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