The Capital Theatre 10/31/74

After playing high schools and local Canarsie gigs we finally got a real gig. The Capitol Theater. The big leagues. We worked our butts off getting everything just right. We were going to show the three thousand people that would fit onto the Capital that we were the next Allman Brothers Band.

When the big Halloween night finally arrived we were shocked when no one showed up to see us. Welcome to reality boys.

No one gave a damn about us. We were just another no name act on a bill with a bunch of other no name acts. We thought it was going to be another Canarsie high school, with a packed house cheering every note. Yeah right.

Well I guess it goes without saying that things were never the same after that. Gene could not get us any more of the gigs that we were promised and the band broke up shortly after. Liberty and I played in a few other bands during the 70's with guys like Norman Madnick & Hank Burgins but nothing came close to the highs that we got from the early Gaucho gigs. I had one more night of rock stardom after that when Warren asked me to be keyboard player for a gig as the back up band for the Rocky Horror Show Convention tour in 78' (but thats another story).

Everyone went on separate paths. I was lucky enough to find my way after years of teaching piano and working for someone else. The music software business that I started back in the early 80’s has enabled me to make a living writing and playing music and for that I’m very grateful. I never did reach that rock star dream, but looking back at things maybe that’s a good thing. With all the excesses of sex and drugs that were part the rock scene during the time, maybe I would not have survived to write about it. When all is said and done I consider myself very lucky.

Anyway.....I hope you have enjoyed my memories as much as I have writing about it. It was indeed a very special time.