I think we finally got in the building about 12:00. The word was that the early show was hot. We settled in our seats upstairs, lit a few joints and listened to Albert King & J. Giles. Gene went backstage and checked out what was going on. When the Allmans finally hit the stage it was about 2:30 AM. The place was rockin and we just had to get closer. Gene came back with another pass and we each used it to get all four of us backstage. It was amazing, we were rubbing elbows with the likes of Albert King & Graham himself!

The Allmans just kept playing and finally finshed it up with a amazing version of Mountain Jam at about 6:30 AM. When the song was done everyone thought the concert was over. After all, the Allmans had just done a four hour set. Any normal humans would have been on the way back to the hotel by then. However, the Allmans returned for one last song, "Revival". It fit perfectly when they all sang at the end, "People can you feel it. Love is everywhere"

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