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Classic Samples For The Casio FZ Series
Includes FZ-1, FZ-10m & FZ-20m

84 Disk Casio Sample Library

Disks 101-140 $10 Each
Disks 201-222 $12 For 2 Disk Set

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This sample library is divided into 2 groups. Disks 101-140 will work with ALL Casio FZ instruments.
Disks 201-222 will not work with the FZ-1 unless the memory has been expanded to 2 megs.
Disks 201-222 will work with the FZ-10M & FZ-20M since they come with 2 Megs standard.
Disks are $10.00 each. Disks 201-222 are 2 disk sets and are $12.00 for each set.
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Casio FZ Series Sound Lists
101 TR808 Rap - Drum Kit 102 T1 Assortment
103 SY77 Assortment 104 Warm Analog Sounds
105 DX7 Bass 106 M1 Organ/Brass
107 M1 Organ/Airy Sounds 108 Acoustic Bass/Piano
109 Electronic Drum Kit 110 Assorted Percussion
111 Orchestra Hits #1(Needs Expansion) 112 Orchestra Hits #2
113 Digital Synth Assortment 114 Digital Synth Assortment V2
115 Lynn 9000 Drum Kit/Dance Kit 116 TX802 Assorted Digital Sounds
117 TX802 Assorted Digital Sounds 118 Analog/Digital Synth Assortment
119 Mini Moog Bass-Lead Sounds 120 PPG Microwave Assortment
121 Prophet 5 Assortment 122 House Mix #1
(Drum Loops-Moog Bass-Hits)
123 House Mix #2 124 House Mix #3
125 01W Drum Kit 126 01W Assortment
127 Prophet VS Rack Assortment 128 VZ1 Basses
129 Assorted Synth Basses 130 FX
(Thunder-Glass Break-Telephone-Door)
131 Assorted DX/TX Basses 132 Ensoniq Mirage Samples
133 K4 Basses 134 Juno 106 Basses
135 Nepro Orchestra 136 Jazz Guitar
137 Nepro Chorus 138 Optional Software Loop OptimizerK
139 Optional Software Playerbacker Tool 2.0 140 Optional Software Disk Copy tool
201 Rap Drum Kit 202 String Ensemble
203 Studio Drums 204 M1 Piano
205 88 Key Steinway Grand Piano 206 Violin
207 Orchestra Brass-Winds 208 RX5 Drum Kit
209 Sitar-Bazuki 210 CD Rock Drums
211 Female Voice-Flute-Strings-MIDI 212 Wavestation Drum Loops
213 Wavestation Assortment 1 214 Wavestation Assortment 2
215 Super Analog Synth Sounds 216 Thunderstorm-Rainforest
Wind-Ocean Wave
217 Gong-Gun-Cannon-Surf-Breaking Glass 218 Subway Platform-Huge Train
Jack Hammer
219 Car Horns-Horse & Buggy-Sirens 220 Ethnic-Contempory Percussion
221 Congas & Bongos 222 Assorted Synth Basses

Released in 1987, the Casio FZ-1 was one of the first affordable digital samplers on the market. The FZ-1 had features such as waveform drawing and 16-bit sampling that were previously only available on more expensive equipment. The FZ shipped with 1 Meg of sampling memory (expandable to 2 Megs) and booted from ROM rather than an OS diskette. It also had a built-in synthesizer section including sawtooth, square, pulse, double sine, saw/pulse and random wave forms.

The FZ-1's keyboard was velocity sensitive and had aftertouch. It also included eight outputs which gave it the ability to perform the as a multitimbral expander with 8 independent monophonic voices played together via MIDI. One of it's best features was the resonant low-pass filter. It gave programmers the ability to create a much wider variety of sounds in a way not possible on any Akai (Casio's main competitor at the time) machine until the S3000.

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Casio also produced two rackmount expander versions of the FZ. These were the FZ-10M and FZ-20M. The racks included a number of improvements over the keyboard version: double the memory (2MB) as standard (allowing a maximum sampling time of 29 seconds at 36KHz); significantly improved playback sound quality, through the use of a different DAC (Digital-to-analog converter); improved user interface, through a brighter display and the noticeably faster internal response to the use of buttons and sliders, plus a number of bug fixes.

Our FZ-1 sample collection features a wide variety of sounds that you can use in your tracks. Everything from the classic TR808 and TR909 kits for hip hop and dance tracks to a wide assortment of analog and digital synth sounds and acoustic instruments. We also offer a great 88 key steinway piano and an assortment of sound effects. All well sampled and programmed. Just load and play!