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Emax Series Sound Lists
101 Digital Synth Mix 102 Fairlight Strings
103 Grand Piano 104 Wood Flutes
105 Assorted Brasses 106 Marimba-Vibes
107 Assorted Fairlight Sounds 108 Acoustic Guitars
109 Pan Flute-Choir Ahhs 110 Rock Guitars
111 Assorted East Indian Samples 112 K250 Chorus
113 Prototype Rock Drum Kit 114 TR909 Analog Drums
115 Linn Drum Kit 116 Hammond B3 Organ
117 Nepro Super Strings 118 Hip Hop Kicks & Snares
119 Digital Synths #2 120 Workstation Disk-Drums-Bass-Synths
121 Funky Clavinet 122 Triton HH Drum Loops
123 Prophet 5 Analog Sounds 124 SY77 Pads
125 Hip Hop Kicks & Snares V2 126 Hip Hop 2002 Drum Kit
127 K5 Smooth Pads 128 M1 Brass
129 T1 Synth Assortment V1 130 T1 Synth Assortment V2
131 Nepro TR808 Rap Drum Kit 132 Hip Hop Basses
133 Moog Basses 134 Assorted Orchestra Hits
135 Orchestra Hits #2 136 House Mix #1 (Drum Loops-Hits-Basses)
137 House Mix #2 (Drum Loops-Hits-Basses) 138 House Mix #3 (Drum Loops-Hits-Basses)
139 Sound Effects (Storm-Wind-Ocean) 140 Sound Effects #2
(Gun Shots, Machine Guns & Rockets)
141 Wavestation Drum Loops 142 Hip Hop Kicks & Snares V3
143 Prophet VS Rack Assortment 144 Prophet VS Rack Assortment #2
145 Nepro Super Synths Assortment 146 Nepro Super Jupiter Assortment

Please Note: Our Emax sounds are now available as "Disk Images" only and delivered by our free "Download Delivery". Please check the above link, which fills you in on exactly how it works. We've tried to provide the sounds on floppy disks for as long as possible. However, I'm sorry to say that we have discontinued delivering libraries on floppy disk. The good news is the disk image files are exactly the same as the floppys and cost half as much. You just have to create your own floppys from the images. We provide a app that lets you do that. Or, if you have a USB Floppy Drive Emulator connected to your sampler that replaces the floppy drive, you can save the images to that device and load the sounds from that.

EMU released the original Emax in 1985 when the price of a good digital sampler started to become more affordable and within reach of the average musician. It was also one of the first digital samplers to use the 3.5 inch floppy disks which were starting to replace those old 5.1/4 floppy's that samplers and computers were using at the time. It's sound is very similar to the EMU SP1200 and many people still use it for it's grainy low-fi sound that is perfect for rap of hip hop tracks. The Emax is a 12-bit sampler when playing back samples. However, only 8 bits were used to store each sample and that accounts for it's unique sound.

Several versions of the Emax were released up until 1995 when EMU discontinued them. The original was available as a keyboard or rackmount. An updated "Emax SE" (Synthesis Enhanced) version included a fantastic synthesizer which enables you to create and edit your own sounds, similar to an analog synthesizer. The "Emax HD" featured a "humongous" 20 Meg hard drive which was a big improvement over the tiny 512KB memory that was standard on all the Emax models. Later versions included the ability to install a SCSI kit which let you connect to an external hard drive. Finally in 1989 the "Emax-2" was released which added several new features including a built in sequencer and 16 bit sampling. The Emax-2 also had a "turbo" version which included eight megs of memory and stereo sampling and a 4MB hard drive.

The EMU Emax-2 and Emax-2 Rackmount

If your just getting into digital samplers and on a budget, an original Emax or Emax-2 is worth looking into. You can probably pick one up for a couple of hundred US dollars on Ebay. I've also seen them in pawn shops for even less. For the low cost your getting a great sampler then you can use to explore the world of sampling.

One of the drawbacks on the Emax is that you needed to load in the operating system from a floppy disk in order to boot up the machine. Without the OS the Emax you can't start up the machine. Note that all of our Emax sample disks have the Emax-1 operating system included on them. All sounds come on "double sided/double density" floppy disks which are nearly impossible to find these days so you have come to the right place if your Emax is dead and needs the OS and some double sided floppys to get it running again.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us via phone or e-mail. Thank's for your support and Happy Sampling!