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Classic Samples For The SP1200 Beat Box
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Drums & Percussion Basses
101 Nepro TR808 Rap Drum Kit 102 Nepro TR909 Dance Drum Kit 127 Assorted Basses Vol 1
103 Assorted Kicks Vol 1 104 Assorted Kicks Vol 2 128 Assorted Basses Vol 2
105 Assorted Snares Vol 1 106 Assorted Snares Vol 2 129 Assorted Basses Vol 3
107 House Kit Vol 1 108 House Kit Vol 2 130 Assorted Basses Vol 4
109 House Kit Vol 3 110 House Kit Vol 4 185 TB303 Basses
111 House Kit Vol 5 112 Hip Hop Hits & Bits Vol 1 202 Hip Hop Basses
113 Hip Hop Hits & Bits Vol 2 114 Hip Hop Hits & Bits Vol 3 Special Effects
115 Hip Hop Hits & Bits Vol 4 116 Hip Hop Hits & Bits Vol 5 141 Mixed Vocal Clips
117 Techno Drum Kit Vol 1 118 Techno Drum Kit Vol 2 153 Big Ball Strange Vocal Sounds
119 Techno Drum Kit Vol 3 120 Techno Drum Kit Vol 4 164 Media Clips V1
121 Techno Drum Kit Vol 5 122 Industrial Drum Kit Vol 1 165 Media Clips V2
123 Industrial Drum Kit Vol 2 124 Industrial Drum Kit Vol 3 166 Media Clips V3
125 Industrial Drum Kit Vol 4 126 Industrial Drum Kit Vol 5 167 Media Clips V4
131 Funk Drum Loops Vol 1 132 Funk Drum Loops Vol 2 168 Media Clips V5
133 Funk Drum Loops Vol 3 134 Funk Drum Loops Vol 4 169 Mixed Sound Effects
135 Funk Drum Loops Vol 5 136 Funk Drum Loops Vol 6 170 Mixed Sound Effects V2
137 Funk Drum Loops Vol 7 138 Hip Hop Drum Loops Vol 1 171 Mixed Sound Effects V3
139 Hip Hop Drum Loops Vol 2 140 Drum Rolls & Intros 190 Assorted Funky Screams
142 Latin & Ethnic Percussion V1 143 Latin & Ethnic Percussion V2 198 Synth Pad Loops
144 Yamaha RX5 Drum Kit 145 Linn Drum & Simmons Drum Kits
146 Classic Beat Boxes Vol 1 147 Classic Beat Boxes Vol 2
148 Classic Beat Boxes Vol 3 149 Classic Beat Boxes Vol 4
150 Jazz Brush Drum Kit 151 Trash Metal Drum Kit
152 Trash Metal Drum Kit V2 154 SP12 Drum Kit
155 Orchestra Percussion 156 Exotic Percussion V1
157 Exotic Percussion V2 158 Exotic Percussion V3
159 Exotic Percussion V4 160 Exotic Percussion V5
161 Exotic Percussion V6 162 Latin Jazz Drum Kit
163 Assorted Hi Hats 154 SP12 Drum Kit
172 Trance Drum Kit V1 173 Trance Drum Kit V2
174 Trance Drum Kit V3 175 Trance Drum Kit V4
176 Trance Drum Kit V5 177 Rap & Hip Hop Drum Kit V1
178 Rap & Hip Hop Drum Kit V2 179 Rap & Hip Hop Drum Kit V3
180 Rap & Hip Hop Drum Kit V4 181 Rap & Hip Hop Drum Kit V5
182 Orchestra Hits V1 183 Orchestra Hits V2
184 Rare Percussion Mix 186 Custom Percussion Mix V1
187 Custom Percussion Mix V2 188 Custom Percussion Mix V3
189 Custom Percussion Mix V4 191 Rave Drum Kit V1
192 Rave Drum Kit V2 193 Rave Drum Kit V3
194 Rave Drum Kit V4 195 Rave Drum Kit V5
196 Assorted Cymbals 197 Assorted Tom Toms
199 Tuned Percussion 200 HR16 Rap Drum Kit
201 TR808 Big BOOM Kicks 203 Assorted Kicks V3
204 Assorted Kicks V4 205 Assorted Kicks V5
206 Assorted Kicks V6 207 Assorted Kicks V7
208 Assorted Snares V3 209 Assorted Snares V4
210 Assorted Snares V5 211 Assorted Snares V6
212 Assorted Snares V7 213 Hip Hop Kit V6
214 Hip Hop Kit V7 215 Hip Hop Kit V8
216 Hip Hop Kit V9 217 Hip Hop Kit 10
218 Dub Step Kit V1 219 Dub Step Kit V2
220 Dub Step Kit V3 221 Dub Step Kit V4
222 Dub Step Kit V5 223 Dub Step Kit V6
224 Dub Step Kit V7 225 Dub Step Kit V8
226 Dub Step Kit V9 227 Dub Step Kit V10
228 Rock Kit V1 229 Rock Kit v2
230 Reggae Kit V1 231 Reggae Kit V2
232 8 Bit Kit V1 233 8 Bit Kit V2
234 8 Bit Kit V3 235 8 Bit Kit V4
236 Circuit Bent Madness V1 237 Circuit Bent Madness V2
238 Circuit Bent Madness V3 239 Electronica V1
240 Electronica V2 241 Electronica V3
242 Electronica V4 243 Electronica V5
244 R&B Kits V1 245 R&B Kit V2
246 R&B Kit V3 247 Kick-Snare-Hats V1
248 Kick-Snare-Hats V2 249 Exotic Percussion V7
250 Hip Hop Kit V11 251 Hip Hop Kit V12

EMU released the SP1200 as an upgrade to it's popular SP12 sampling drum machine in 1987. It doubled the amount of sample memory to ten seconds, let you dump in sounds via Midi and added a 3.5 floppy drive. Like the SP12, it was originally created for the dance crowd, but it soon caught on with New York producers that were just starting to create a new sound called "Hip Hop".

The SP was also one of the first instruments which let you put together a complete track on one piece of gear and it became one of EMU's best selling instruments. The original "grey version" sold so well though out the late 80's and early 90's then when it was discontinued the demand for it was so great that EMU released a "black" reissue in 1993. It was pretty much the same as the original grey version with an updated operating system. It also sold well before being discontinued in the late 90's.

Even with only ten seconds of sampling RAM and 26.04 kHz sampling rate, today a vintage SP1200 still commands a high price on the used gear market selling at around $1500. US dollars. The reason for this is the unique sound of the SP. The SSM-2044 filter chips included create it's gritty 12 bit "lo-fi" sound has been a favorite of Hip Hop producers since groups like Public Enemy and NWA created their classic tracks on the SP twenty years ago.

The EMU SP1200 Sampling Drum Machine

When the SP1200 was released back in 1987 we were one of the first sound companies to purchase one and went about making a large sound library for it. After a couple of years of sampling we had over 100 floppy disks to choose from and the library has turned out to become one of our best selling and most well received libraries in our collection.

Just click on the above MP3 demo link to get a taste of some of the sounds in our SP1200 sample collection. Many of our customers from the Hip Hop and Techno community's have used the sounds on countless numbers of classic recordings throughout the last twenty years. We still own the original machine from 1987 and have also added a "black" version that was part of the re-release in the early 90's. Both machines sound amazing and still get a lot of use in our studio.

One of the drawbacks on the SP1200 is that you needed to load in the operating system from a floppy disk in order to boot up the machine. Without the OS the SP1200 can turn out to be a very expensive doorstop. Note that all of our SP1200 sample disks have the operating system included on them. OS 1.2 is the latest. All sounds come on "double sided/double density" floppy disks which are nearly impossible to find these days so you have come to the right place if your SP is dead and needs the OS and some double sided floppys to get it running again.

If you do not own an original SP1200 and don't want to shell out all that cash for a vintage SP, you can now get the next best thing. We have now sampled our entire sound library into WAV, Reason or Kontakt formats. Much care was taken to preserve the original sound of the SP when sampling the files and assembling the drum kits. The results are as close as you get to the real thing.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us via phone or e-mail. Thank's for your support and Happy Sampling!