Emax Series


Proteus-1 Collection

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Volume 1
KNP Strings Soundtrack String 4ths String/Choir
After Thought Wind Solo Brass 4ths KCC Choi
Double Reed Good Ol' D50 MKS70 Pads Proton Bass
DX7 Bass Punchy Bass ARP Bass Prophet Pads
Voyetra 8 Kerry's Lead Korg M1 Pad Synclavier
Super Pads Mo Sup Pads My Toyota TX802 Winds
Mello Synth Dark Winds Super Jupiter Orch Brass
Patch King Eastern NY Mini Solo Mo Mini's
Bass Lead Dr Dre Bass Sunday Morn Space Flute
Fairlight D70 Phat Pad Flute Synth Vibrato Synth
Pizzi String Bass/Drums Industrial Mini Moog
Bashwank Inc Steve Lead Cool Lead 01W Synth
Sadona Mr Sluggo Piano String Horn Organ
PPG Wave Wood Bass Space Lead Glock Pad
Prophet VS Wood Blocks New Age NY Ms Glass
Pads Odd Ball Steamboat KN 10/18/92
Volume 2
Patch King KN Piano Pro Pad Piano Chorus Piano
Piano Bass Orch Piano Piano String Perky String
String Choir EP String Prophet String Big Thang
Prototype Prototype 2 Prototype 3 Genesis Synth
String Delay Orch Pad Mello Lead Phat Lead
FX or What? Blender Saxy Orchestral
String Choir Fade In K250 Choir Mellotron
FM Pad For Mary Wave 3.0 String Flute
Deep Horn Rock Da Vote Eastern Synth Giant Snare
Drum Pads Brass Band P-Man Horn Horn 5ths
More Horns Sci-Fi Synth Vocal Sax Downsville NY
Mello Pads Rogue 251 Jazzy Synth Organ
Pad Organ Lords Organ M1 Bass Piano Bass
Jerry Yen AC Guitar Heavy G. Kitaro
12 String Odd Ball B The Blob Horror Show
Underwater Whatumplar Fanfare >KN 10/92
Volume 3
KNP #3 Late October Choir 5ths Saxy 5ths
Brass Section Brass Choir Brass Organ Trombone 5ths
Horn 5ths Deep Brass Wavestation Invisible Rae
TB303 Bass TB303 #2 Cave Bass FX Bass
Synth Horn Kitaro #2 String Organ Double Reed
VS Pads New Ager New Ager #2 New Ager #3
Synth Clairnet Super JX Kono Wall-Eye
Eastern Pkwy WDRE Lore Keva
Sunday Afternoon Proteus Pad WS Pads Proton String
Woodwinds Sound Canvis Coplandish Arnold
Slow & Saxy ThikAS a Brick Flute String Vote 92'
Tenor Sax 69' Andy Boy Mello Organ Korg T1 Pads
Canarsie Slow Pads Piano Choir Horney Patch
Out There Cyber Boing Mo Boinger Layers
Revolution 9 Pow Pipes JV80 Organic Penn & Teller
Majestic Voyetra Pads Tom & Jerry On To Barbados