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We sell both internal and external zip drives and guarantee that they will work with the ASR10 or EPS16+. The cost is $200. for the external and $125. for the internal The external one is a 250 Meg and the internal one is a 100 Meg. You can not put a 250 internal drive in the ASR10 which is why our internal drives only come as a 100 meg. You also need to purchase the "internal zip kit" ($75.) if you get the internal zip drive so in either case your cost is $200. You also have to connect everything with the internal set up unless you plan to bring it to a tech to install.

The benefit of having the external is obviously that it is a bigger drive so we recommend going with that unless your looking for an easy way to bring your ASR and zip drive to gigs and want the easy portability. In that case having both asr and zip drive in one unit might work better for you. Also note that if you purchase the internal drive it will replace your floppy drive so that's another good reason for going with the external drive.

Remember that whether you purchase the internal or external drive, you also need a SCSI port installed first. Sorry, but we do not sell SCSI ports for the ASR10 and have a limited supply of SCSI's for the EPS16+.

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100 Meg Internal Zip Drive for ASR10 & EPS16+ Series

Replace your ASR10 or EPS16+ floppy drive with a highspeed, high capacity ZipDrive. NOTE: Internal Zip Installation Kit Required.

No more LOT'S of FLOPPIES, no more WAITING for loading, no more LUGGING around that extra piece of equipment.

It's easy to install - takes most users about 1/2 hour to an hour. The Additional Installation Kit comes with all the custom cables and instructions.

Please note: These drives are refurbished, as they are not manufactured anymore.

ASR10-EPS16+ Internal Zip Drive - $125

Zip Drive warranted for 1 year for parts and labor.

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