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head About Kid Nepro...
Or: How The Kid Got To Be The Patch King
Kid Nepro opened for business in 1984. We were one of the first sound companies to offer new "patches" to synth owners who wanted to expand their sound libraries beyond the factory sounds. We programmed sounds for the new synths released during the 80's like the Sequential Prophet-5, Roland Jupiter-6 and Oberheim OB8. When digital samplers started to become more affordable in the mid 80's we released our first digital sample libraries for the Sequential Prophet 2000, Casio FZ1 and EMU SP1200 Beat Box. We were the first company to offer Akai MPC sounds when the original MPC60 was released and continue to release new sounds for the latest generation of Akai MPC's.

Musicians heard and liked. So did the major music magazines and record producers. So we went ahead and made more and more sounds for the new synths and samplers as the major manufactures like Korg, Roland, Akai and Yamaha released their ground breaking new instruments. As other sound companies came and went, we have continued working through the 90's and into the 21st century creating quality sounds for hundreds of synths and samplers. As a result, we now have the largest sound catalog anywhere in the world.

Check out our large downloadable sound database where you can order on line and download your new sounds the same day.

Quality and Value: Our Commitment
Quality and value are the two things that have set us apart from every garage operation that comes and goes. Now into the new century, we're going stronger than ever, offering the very best sounds for more instruments than any other sound company.

Have a look at our online catalog, check out all our offerings, the patch lists, the sample lists. Download some of our demo synth patches or listen to some audio demos. That will give you a taste of the quality of our work. If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Sound Service:
Kid Nepro is a small business. When you contact us you're dealing directly with the people who program the sounds, take your order and pay the bills. If you run into any problems we solve them quickly.

Contact Us:
We welcome your questions.

The best way to get a quick answer is via e-mail: support@kidnepro.com

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