Synth Patch Demos

The Patch King has lots of FREE DEMOS for many vintage synths. The demos will give you a good idea of the quality of our work. Most of today's MIDI sequencing programs or Digital Workstations will load our demos into your synth via a "sysex bulk dump". You can also use a "Sysex Utility Program" to load our sounds into your synth. We include a free app that lets you load sounds from a Mac or PC Computers.

MIDI-OX for PC & BULK SYSEX for Mac are shareware programs which will let you execute a "System Exclusive Dump" from the computer to the synth. If you have any questions on how all this works, check out this post at our blog titled sysex made simple

To download Bulk Sysex Utility and synth demos for Macintosh Click Here:

To download Bulk Sysex Utility and synth demos for PC Compatibles Click Here:

All our synth sounds are available in System Exclusive (.syx) and Standard Midi Files (.mid) formats. Most sequencer programs such as Logic, Digital Performer or Cubase will let you load the sounds via a midi dump.

Don't forget to save your internal sounds before loading in our demos.
The demos go over everything in your internal memory, so it's a good idea to back up your data.

Check out our Lists Of Samples for:
Thousands of disk images to choose from. ONLY $5.00 each!!