Data Tape Instructions
for KORG Poly 800 - EX800 - Poly800-MK2 - DW8000 - EX8000 - DW6000

Save Procedure

1- Connect your synthesizer's rear panel TO TAPE jack to the microphone (mic) input jack on the tape recorder. You may need an adapter if the input jack is not the "mini jack" size. You can get one at your local Radio Shack.

2- Set the synthesizers rear panel TAPE switch to the enable position.

3- Prepare the tape recorder for recording. Begin recording and let the tape advance until it is past the leader tape (at the beginning of the cassette).

4- Press the recorders pause key at the point from which you will begin recording data. At this point your synthesizer is sending out a test tone as a reference for setting recording level on the tape recorder. Adjust the tape recorders recording level as you would normally. Try to record at around zero db.

5- After setting recording level, release the pause key so that the recorder begins recording.

6- Press the SAVE key on your synthesizer and it will start sending data. (You may cancel the SAVE procedure by pressing the cancel key) The display will show "SAVE" to confirm the save mode.

7- When the display again shows TAPE, then you can stop the tape recorder.

8- When done reset the TAPE switch to the DISABLE position.

Load Procedure

1- Connect your synthesizers rear panel FROM TAPE jack tothe output jack (earphone, line out, etc) of your recorder. Set the LOW/HIGH switch to match your tape recorders output level.

2- Set your synthesizers rear panel PROGRAM WRITE switch, SEQUENCER WRITE switch and the TAPE switch to the ENABLE positions.

3- Begin tape playback. Stop the tape when you reach the beginning of the leader tone.

4- Press the load key.

5- Start tape playback.

6- If the data has successfully loaded into the internal memory the display will give a "Good" indication.

7- If you get an (ERR) message press the cancel key, lower or raise the tape recorders output volume and repeat steps 3-5.

8- When done disable rear panel switches.