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Electric Guitars V3 - New Sounds For Kronos HD-1 Sound Engine

32 Programs - 16 Combis - 16 Guitar Loops - 66 MB New Samples

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Korg Kronos Volume #15 - Electric Guitars V3 - Our third collection of guitar sounds for the Kronos HD-1 Synth Engines is now here! Only $69. USD.

You wanted more guitar sounds and we listened to your "Feedback". So we dug out our Vintage Electric "Tele" and started sampling. Sounds include clean guitar samples and harmonics to heavy distorted, overdrive power leads and feedback. Also included are 16 new super cool guitar loops that we have loaded into the Kronos drum track. Sync it up to KARMA and away you go!!!!

This new set of sounds is perfect for your next rock gig or recording session. Check out the audio demos and hear for yourself. The sixteen Karma-fied Combis make it easy for you to put together your next track. Or you can just jam along for hours, one man band style.

All programs and combis include full KARMA functions and drum track as well as control assignments to the Kronos Joystick, Vector Stick, SW1 & SW2 and User Knobs 5-8. Kronos Electric Guitars V3 is perfect for your next studio recording or live gig. Or if you just want to jam along, the cool KARMA grooves included on all 32 Programs & 16 Combis will have you jamming for hours.

Note: Kronos Version 3.0 OS or later required. Download Kronos OS at the Korg web site.