Trinity & TR Rack
01/W - 03R/W
X3 - X3/R

N264 - N364
Wavestation Series
M1 - M1/R
T Series
Poly800 - EX800
Poly 800 mkII
DW 8000 - EX 8000
DS-8 - 707

Volume 2 - Mixed Bag B
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Hello KNP Jimi H 92' AC/Fretles Proton Ice Snap Bass
ARP Bass Fretless 1 Slug Bass Fat Bass Rhodes 1
Rhodes 2 Crs Rhodes Sawtooth Booker T. Melo Pads
Analog Syn T-ManChoir LeadOrgan ELP Organ 96 Tears
More Waves Airport BowString Flugelhorn T1 Drums
CD Drums GatedDrums MKS STRING Tiny Vibe Pad 3rd
String 4th Funk Clavi Fat Pad KCC Choir Hits Delay
DancePiano AC Guitar Prophet VS Big Chill Fat String
Mini Lead KNP Piano SquareSynt TX802 Bell Pan Pads
Slow Down BoBos Oboe Cinn Symp Yo Yo Oboe B3 Organ
Saxy Plucker Sedona Old Tubes Cool Pan
Buzz Lead Reeds PPG String Ahh Choir SpaceChoir
2001 Bell Choir Voyetra 10 Harmonics Prototype
String Dly I'L TakeIt M1 vs D70 DigitalSeq ARP 2600
JabaTheHut Bowed Bass Bell Lead Heavy Lead Vocoder 19
Fairlight7 Pizz-Bow Hip Lead R2 D2 Pads R' Us
Soundtrak2 Heavy G. Kerry Geri FunkMaster
SquareLead A New Day Speed Race Perc Delay East Of Jo
Sun Mornin From Above Frenzy Start UP! Sci-Fi 56
Synclavier Synclav #2 For Mary East Choir 10/92 KNP
Layers Fat Patch Pizzi-Bow Wa Wa FlugalBass
DX7 Digit TX Bells Orch String AtTheMovie Melo Waves
Wind Bass Mom & Pop RhodesBass Take Off Synth Horn
Choir Bass King Patch At Starret PaulBearer Anita
PPG Wave Lyle & Pat Sept 24th Old Chooch Orchestra
StringThing WS/AD 93 BellStrLay Junkyard Gene Tune
Fat Pan Octaves CHUD 2 Fat String Fatter Str
Digital Sy WS Pad WS Pad #2 NYC 1PM JungleDance
StringBass Heavy Pad Hvy AC Bas HvyFretles Dig Bass
SuperJXBas Moogie Red Alert Oboe 5ths Giants
HorneyBell At ThePier Sarisinto More PPG In & Out
Snorer Digital WS Mollie-WE Vibrato The Desert
Split Up Proto Pad MKS Combo String Ensemb Mr.T
LoveMagician The Bow Fuzzy SuperJupiter Nice Delay
7/17/56 Inspector Movement Combo King Pan String
New Ager Uncle Rae Pro 5ths Hurry Bo Samp Hold
ELP Godiva Memory Moog Rogue Cop BT Funky 5ths
For MG Pro5 Pads String Rhodes Pan Pad Synth Man
Bell Bass DNA SEQ Voyager Old Fatty Bowed 3rds
Genie #33 Ms Glass Effectron Shaboingie See Ya KNP