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Proto Rock - Pure Inspiration! This new collection includes 64 new programs and 64 new combis for the Korg M3 and M3m sampling workstations. It also contains over 50 megs of new multi samples and a wide variety of instruments geared towards fans of Classic Rock from the 60's and 70's. The new multi samples contain sounds combine the sound of classic vintage synthesizers with the M3's large selection of multi samples and effects. Features extensive real-time control via the KARMA Realtime Controls and the other controllers (joystick, knobs and switches). The result is a great mix of vintage and modern sounds. It's classic rock meets 21st century technology at it's best.

There are many ways one can go about programming for the M3 and Proto Rock has something for everyone. The programs are geared towards musicians who want to use the M3 in a live performance setting or want to build tracks from scratch and the combis make it easy to lay down tracks for those who are recording or would rather just jam along. Any way you choose, this high quality collection of sounds is guaranteed to provide you with everything you need for your next live gig, studio session or recording project.

Special thanks to Jerry Kovarsky, Jack Hotop and Ian Fisher from Korg USA for their technical support.

Customer Comments

This set rocks !! The stuff builds up a nice counterpart to the overpolished HiFi-sound of this gear - it's really adding ballz'n cheese giving it back some dirt.
Sergej Derks - Inzlingen - Germany

I absolutely LOVE the Combi Full Power Rock! that is my absolute FAVORITE! it almost takes me back to a Van Halen concert!
Bryan Krantz - Wayne, New Jersey - USA

If it's worth anything to you: this is the BEST stuff you've done. Truly! I can't wait for your soundtrack collection. I've still yet to explore on more than a few, because I'm keep getting stuck on the ones I'm at. There's so much to inspire.´┐ŻNepro's Proto Rock will definitely make it into some of my new album's songs. Terrific.
Dave Watts - Tehachapi, CA - USA

I've been exploring this sound set a lot while learning my way around Ableton Live, and there are a lot of really nice combis and programs, including some real gems, and the amount of KARMA variation on many makes them very deep.
Shannon Greywalker - Austin, TX - USA

Many thanks for all of your help, great set of sounds BTW, just what I was looking for.
Allan Hall - Isle of Man - UK

Still loving the sounds! Thank you for the terrific service after the sale.
Eric Goldstone - Clinton Corners, NY - USA