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Korg M3 Volume #2 - Soundtrack/Film Mix our followup to our popular "Proto Rock" collection, is now available. The new collection contains 64 programs, 48 combis and 60 megs of new samples including over 100 new samples from our "Effectron" sound effect library. All well crafted and fully KARMA-fied to produce only the highest quality sounds for the M3 series music workstations.

While Proto Rock was more "meat and potatoes" type sounds, this PCG sound collection is more unique. M3 Soundtrack is perfect if you're doing television, film work or video game scoring and you require background effects, killer pads and synth sounds or unique rhythms not found in the M3 factory presets. Using KARMA GE's and real time controls, we have created an assortment of different "atmospheres" that can be used as background to a video track. Many of the sounds can also be used in New Age or Synth type audio tracks.

As included in our M3 Proto Rock collection, M3 Soundtrack also contains several new sampled drum patterns from our SP1200, Wavestation and KARMA sound collections so when you turn on the M3 drum track you will find some cool new drum beats and sounds effects not found anywhere else.

As we have many years of experience programming Korgs synthesizers, this is not our first set of soundtrack sounds for Korgs workstations. We have in the past programmed Soundtrack/Film mixes for the Korg Trinity, Triton and Karma keyboards. All of which have been well received by our customers around the world. However, now for the first time using the killer combination of new samples with KARMA technology - only found in the M3 (or it's big brother - OASYS), this is our most powerful collection of soundtrack sounds to date. This high quality collection is guaranteed to please anyone composing for film or video and in need of great sounds to inspire on your next project.