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Volume 5 - Killer Keyboards

From our experience as programmers and keyboard players, we know one thing for sure; "Keyboard Players always want more Keyboard sounds". The first thing we check out when we buy a new synth is the Keyboard sounds. We are always searching for the perfect Rhodes and Acoustic Piano patch. We get calls and e-mail from keyboard players all over the world who feel the same. So a few years ago Kid Nepro started producing entire soundbanks based on keyboard sounds. We call them "Killer Keyboards". Kid Nepro has produced several other Keyboard soundbanks for instruments like the Roland JV80 & JV1000, Korg 01W, X3 and Trinity Series.

Our main goal in producing these keyboard soundbanks is to give you keyboard players a much wider selection of keyboard sounds then what the manufacturer gives you with the factory patches. These can be used at live gigs or studio sessions. The Triton collection is no different. The Triton Killer Keyboard soundbank gives you a wide variety of new Electric & Acoustic Pianos, Jazz, Rock & Pipe Organs, Funky Clavinets, Harpsichords, Accordions and even a few Mellotron patches. As in our Studio/Session Mix, there are no rhythmic patterns.

Much care was taken to improve on the factory keyboard sounds. The multi effects section were used extensively to improve the quality of the acoustic, electric piano and organ sounds. The compressor, flanger, phaser, eq and chorus effects all helped to do this. The overdrive effect was used on many of the rock organ patches. This will give you that bit of distortion that the B3 organ made so popular on dozens of classic rock recordings. We have also layered the acoustic piano with other textures (as done in Vol #2) to beef up the piano sounds. As in the other Korg Killer Keyboard banks that we have done for the Trinity, 01W and X3, there are no combinations only programs. Being the entire soundbank is based on keyboard sounds, we do not feel the need to create combinations since there are a very limited number of combinations one can create with just keyboard textures. For this reason the soundbank is priced at only $35, instead of the usual $40 price.

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000 KN Killer Keys 001 KN Grand Piano 002 Tine Rhodes 003 Tremolo Rhodes 004 DX7 FM Rhodes
005 AC Piano Pads 006 Piano & Strings 007 AC Piano & Choir 008 AC Piano Choir 2 009 Ice Piano
010 Synth 5ths Piano 011 Spacy Piano 012 Bread Rhodes 013 Da 70's Rhodes 014 Wurli's EP
015 Wah Wah Wurli 016 Phaze Wurly 017 Dream Keys 018 Dosty Rhodes 019 Mod Mod Keys
020 Proto Rhodes 021 Jazz Rhodes 022 Studio Rhodes 023 Honky Tonk Piano 024 Piano Pads
025 P Collins Keys 026 Piano Plus 027 Electrix Grand 028 Detuned Keys 029 Synth Keys
030 Multi Piamo 031 EP Organ 032 Funk Clav 033 D6 Clavinet 034 Flange Clavi
035 Phaze Clav 036 Vintage Clav 037 Duke's Clav 038 Funky Mon Clav 039 60's Clavinet
040 Screamin B3 041 The Band's Org 042 BX3 Lead Org 043 Org Overdrive 044 96 Tears Org
045 Izzo's Org 046 Mello Organ 047 Distorted Org 048 XB2 Organ 049 Glassy Organ
050 Church Organ 051 Lead Click Org 052 Nepro Drawbars 053 Pipe Org 5ths 054 Radio City Org
055 Full Pipes Org 056 Pipe Reeds 057 Bach Organ 058 Genesis Org 059 Gate Organ
060 Bach Harpsichord 061 Funky Harpsi 062 1966 Harpsichord 063 Handle Harpsi 064 Piano Man
065 Vox Piano 066 Piano String5th 067 Jazz Piano 068 Compressed Piano 069 Piano/Voices
070 Electrix Keys 071 Piano Mix 072 Piano Mix2 073 Brite Pian 074 Sine Rhodes
075 Sine Rhodes2 076 Sine of da Tines 077 Magic EP 078 DWGS EP 079 Tremer EP
080 Nepro EP 081 Chicks Rhodes 082 Piano Pad 4ths 083 EP Pads 084 EP Pads 2
085 EP Pads 3 086 EP Pads 4 087 EP Strings 088 EP Strings 2 089 EP Strings 3
090 EP Choir 091 EP Choir 2 092 Hard Lead Rhodes 093 Hard Lead Rhodes2 094 Classic Wurli
095 Wurli FX 096 Organ Lead 097 Rockin B3 Org 098 Farfisa Organ 099 Voxy Organ
100 Gospal Organ 101 DWGS Organ 102 Muted Organ 103 Monkeys Organ 104 Club Date Org
105 Lead B3 Organ 106 Space Piano 107 Delay Piano 108 Piano FX 109 Delay EP
110 Lead Delay EP 111 DX Delay EP 112 Rhodes FX 113 EP FX 114 AC Piano Delay
115 Accordion 116 Accordion2 117 Accordion3 118 Accordion4 119 Celesta
120 Xylophone 121 Good Vibes 122 Milts Vibes 123 Trem Vibes 124 TRON Strings
125 TRON Strings2 126 TRON Strng/Choir 127 TRON Choir