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Some Comments from our Customers

Hundreds of satisfied customers from around the world have written us with praise for our
Triton sound banks. It just goes to show that good taste knows no cultural boundries. What
sounds good in Oregon sounds good in Belgium too. Here are some samples:

We recently purchased several libraries from Kid Nepro for the two Tritons we have in our studio. All I can say is "INSPIRING". These sounds are simply the best I've heard from any 3rd party soundware party developer. My team here at GameBeat, inc. ( works on some of the biggest video game projects released and Kid Nepro's sounds have given us an entirely new level of creativity and inspiration! We highly recommend them. Keep'em coming, we'll certainly be back for more!

Darryl S. Duncan - President
Gamebeat, Inc.

The killer keyboard collection is a terrific improvement over the factory sounds and much better than any of the 'freebies' I've downloaded off the web. These sounds are not only pleasing and interesting but very usable and seem like they will sit very well in a mix, so I'm sure they will get a lot of use.

Paul Kelly - Sussex, England

Thanks. Your sounds are sweet! Every Triton user should get your volumes just to get a good idea of how amazing the Triton really is!

Garey Kennebrew - Denver, CO

Man I just ordered your Studio Session Mix. AWESOME. I only got through less than 25% of the sounds and came up with 3 new songs. I'm sure that Vol #3 is going to be the bomb too. THANKS, WORTH EVERY PENNY AND THEN SOME!!!

Benjamin Cooper - Honolulu, HI

I just received my Triton Classic Synths PCG and I'm very impressed. They are very good, mostly better then the Triton presents. I was just curious what your background is and if thought about producing your own records etc. You guys are very talented and creative. Must be really experienced with synthesis, don't know how you do it.

Mark Monciardini - Klamath Falls, OR

Thank you very much ! I've downloaded all the three PCG. They are AWESOME !

Xavier Miller - Bruxelles, Belgium

Very nice work! Excellent and very useable sounds! What a great value!

Scott Spellman - Detroit, MI

I have just had a session with your Triton sounds (classic synths) - extremely good! The first set of basses are excellent - I like the leads - some nice pads - and the arpegs are useful. Now if someone could only do something about those drums .....

Bob Gill - Swindon, England

A phenomenal set of patches and combis in the Techno/Dance volume #4 Incredible value for the money.

Steven Brown - Eugene, Oregon

Thanks for volume #4 for the Triton. Again I am impressed! I spend hours playing the sounds and rhythms. I am even asking myself if I still want to buy a groove box now I have this... ha!

Jaap Poetsma - The Netherlands

I received my sound files (Korg Triton bundle) last week and had a blast with all the new sounds. They are well designed and very functional. This is the first time I have purchased sounds from non-Korg sources and it has been a good experience. I was skeptical at first but the reviews and customer feedback eased some of my concerns. Keep up the good work.

Chris Bartley - Oak Brook, Il

Your "Screamin' B3" collection rocks! I especially like the first program entitled "Screamin' B3." I can hardly wait to use it live! Keep up the great work!

Chris Georgeff - Valparaiso, IN