OB8 Classic Synth Mix

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A1 AnaString A2 OB Pads A3 Lyles's Pads A4 Syn Strings
A5 String 5ths A6 Voyetra 8 A7 Fat Strings A8 Fanfare
B1 OB Bass B2 OB Bass 2 B3 TB303 Bass B4 House Bass
B5 Reso Bass B6 Moog Bass B7 Shake Bass B8 MKS Bass
C1 96 Tears C2 Pipe Organ C3 B3 Organ C4 Pipe Org 2
C5 Keith Organ C6 Analogics C7 Analogics 2 C8 Human League
D1- Melo Pad D2 Choir D3 Vib Choir D4 Prototype
D5 Sample Hold D6 OB Lead D7 Glider D8 Prophet 5
AC1 Square lead AC2 Square Ld 2 AC3 OB8 Lead AC4 Industrial
AC5 Sids Patch AC6 Sample Filter AC7 Video Game AC8 Samp Hold 2
AD1 Prophet Pads AD2 Memory Moog AD3 Magic Organ AD4 Human League 2
AD5 Fantasy AD6 Slow Sweep AD7 Proton Man AD8 Mellow Pads
BC1 Hollow Synth BC2 Fat Lead BC3 Underwater BC4 Synth Mania
BC5 Kay's Motel BC6 Ana Lead BC7 Glider Lead BC8 Shankar
BD1 Jupiter Bass BD2 Reso Bass BD3 Wow Bass BD4 Funky Bass
BD5 Proton Bass BD6 Genesis Bass BD7 Genesis Bass 2 BD8 E. Drums
ABC1 Mellow Lead 2 ABC2 Tiny Bells ABC3 New Age Synth ABC4 Bass/Lead Combo
ABC5 Heavy Metal ABC6 More Metal ABC7 Heavier Metal ABC8 Moog Lead
BCD1 ARP Lead BCD2 Juno Lead BCD3 Love Magician BCD4 Bass/Leads
BCD5 Eastern Lead BCD6 Mod Lead BCD7 LFO Lead BCD8 Glider Lead
ABCD1 Samp Hold 1 ABCD2 SampHold 2 ABCD3 SampHold 3 ABCD4 SampHold 4
ABCD5 ELP Lead ABCD6 More ELP ABCD7 For Mary P ABCD8 Aliens
ABD1 Buzzer ABD2 Poly 6 ABD3 PPG Wave ABD4 Voyetra 10
ABD5 Mexico ABD6 FX Or Not ABD7 Slow Sweep ABD8 Choppers
ACD1 FX ACD2 Sci-Fi Flick ACD3 For Andy P ACD4 Kool Pad
ACD5 Soundtrack ACD6 FXA ACD7 FXB ACD8 KNP 11-92
AB1 E Piano AB2 Bookker T AB3 Won Wa AB4 Jump Eddie
AB5 Synth Lead AB6 Rogue Syn AB7 Funky Syn AB8 New Ager
CD1 Tri Wave CD2 Turkey Day CD3 Lyles Pad 2 CD4 Pad 4ths
CD5 Rae Strings CD6 Mod Strings CD7 Melo String CD8 The Airport