Kid Nepro Trinity Collection
Review by Rick Schamberger of The Trinity Haven
Looking for some new sounds for your silver synth? These PCGs will fit the bill. Each disk is 128 programs AND 128 combinations that take full advantage of the Trinity's modulation sources. Kid Nepro has long been a solid source of great sounding sounds for the synth market. Here are the latest offerings for your silver beauty.

Vol #1 - Session Mix

This collection has it all for your basic pop studio needs. The sounds are conveniently organized by category which consist of basses, rhodes, eps, dx7 classics, piano pads, horns, and organs. Session Mix also contains some of the tastiest electric guitars I have heard come out of a Trinity (programs 031 Power Guitar and 030 Jimi Guitar) Surpisingly, this pcg has a few gems that techno musicans can appreciate such as fat basslines of programs 003, 008, and 075, DOn't forget to check out the 044 Full Stop B3 and those cllassic Dx7 sounds (without the nightmare dx7 fm synthesis!) If your looking for a nice conservative collection of sounds to enhance the sounds for popular music, Session Mix might be right up your alley.

Vol #2 - Classic Synths

Don't let the name fool you. There are many modern sounds on this set. 005 OB8 lead sounds like it was lifted straight out a Gina G dance song. There are also some interesting soundtrack/FX programs to enjoy. 085 For Films sounds echos those chilling moments from the X-files series and 080 Cyber Borg sounds like it came out of T2. I like this PCG because it contains many unusual and creative sounds. 102 String Beat USA is an original use of percusion and strings while 038 could easily scare the SH*T out of you in dark hollow cave. There are also the usuall assortments of bass, strings and choirs to keep your compositons going way to off on a tangent. The only setback to this PCg is that some of the programs rely on an emulated appegiator type effect. While this sounds great playing only one note, the coollness factor wears thin trying to play any other note due to the disorienting increase or decrease of tempo. But of course this is not entirely Kid Nepros' fault. Blame it on the Trinity's lack of an Arpeggiator!

Vol #3 - Soundtrack/ Film Mix

The typical sountrack PCG set will contain wave after wave of the Trinity's luscious pad sounds. If you are looking for that here, you will be disappointed. Instead, Kid Nepro offers a different approach. Sure, you will have your typical strings but there are also creative and usual sounds that are still very useful. 098 Bird attack 2 is haunting ambinet effect while the 034 Watching and Astral Projection are great SFX for a killer sci-fi movie. 054 Wave step 4 is just plain wicked! I would love to see this in an elctronic song ( what is it doing on this PCG set?) The Piano for Film series has subtle variations on the classic sound combination to meet your particular needs. That's all fine and dandy, but how are he pad sounds you ask? Awesome. I program my own pad sounds, and just when I have squeezed every possible pad sound out the silver beast, This PCG demonstates that I still have plenty of potential to unleash! Some highlights 030 slowhand pads, 009 metal pads, 006 Alien Race, and 005 Last Rights. Overall this is my favorite PCG from Kid Nepro.

Vol#4 - Killer Keyboards

If you are cautious about buying 3rd party sounds, Killer Keyboards might be for you. The Programs 000-070 are taken form "Session Mix V1" & "Soundtrack Film Mix V3" The remaining 071- 127 are mostly variations on pianos and EPs. with a few rhodes sprinkled on top. If you are a classicaly trained keyboardist, you will like this set. If you are looking for weird or techny sounds, you will be disappointed. Please note that since this is greateset hit compilation, there are no Combinations on this set. Because of this, the pricing isat $30 instead of the usual $35. SPECIAL BUNDLE PACKAGE: Get all four Volumes for only $85.

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