Korg Wavestation

Soundbanks Vol #1 Mixed Bag - Vol #2 Soundtrack Mix

"Keyboard" November 1991 Review

By Jim Aikin

Kid Nepro's two Wavestation banks take Wave Sequencing into some new areas. Especially Volume 2. Back-and-forth looping produces some wave sequences that (gasp) aren't in 4/4. With a few exceptions that are more adaptable, most of these patches are so strongly compositional that Kid Nepro will become almost a collaborator in your tune, dictating the groove while you fill in the changes.

These soundbanks will definetly give you some fresh grooves to start working with, and you can always edit them to taste.

Our favorites in Vol #2 include the laid back 7/4 syncopation of "Uncle B.T.", the subdued burbling of "ROM Jam", and the light, happy "Proton Dance".

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We now have SIX Volumes of sounds for your Wavestation. 50 New Performances in each Volume.
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