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Volume 7 - Hip Hop/Dance Mix

(Requires Dance Expansion Board)

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PersianNight Bangalie In Peru Ethno Rhythm Funky Hindu
Salam Salim DeepDegerBass Strings&Perc PiriHouseBass High Tech
Ethno Groove TechnoVoxBas AirPercusion Tuned Indust Techno Mix
BurialGround Perc Stabs Poly Rhythm1 We Will Rock TheGreatWall
KalimbTrance Gabriel Call To War Ossirus Japan Garden
EthnoBreakBt RhythmSplash Afro Intro The Vision ShakuStrings
MagicalPower ThickGlidePD InTo A Dream Tranquility TheEvilPlace
HichirikiPAD Sound Track4 BreathyPipes JazzFromMars Perc Organ 2
Pipe Fantasy Montra Shaman Dance LongDuckDong Kitaro
StrangeSweep Moving Waves Alien Band Rain Forest In The Deep
The Haunting WoodsATNight Water Drops You Do Udo Blasters
The Ninja ThePresesion Morocco Jam India Groov TablaMasters
RhythmCombo1 Perc Combo 1 Perc Combo 2 Perc Combo 3 Hard Edges
DancingGlass Breathy Pad2 Spacy Rave Drifting Off KalimbPiano
Air Vox Perc BreathAttack Distorted LD floatingAway The Old Godz
DesertTravel Medicen Man HardPercBass The Gateway FunkyJawLead
Very Mellow Thrash Oud Highlanders Deep Rezlead Pike's Place
Sheltering RingModMiz Time Walker VelosShakuh VesoSyn Perc
Funky Stuff DancingRythm Stigmata Cool Chimes Shakti
MidEast Set SuddenChill Sudan Pipes The Abyss TantricDream
ProcessPerc1 ProcessPerc2 ProcessPerc3 ProcessPerc4 Cave People
Pigmie Chant The Temple BreathingPad AsianVeloCmb Ethnic Lead3
AmazonPipes Perc. Hit 7 Rythm Combo2 Rythm Combo3 BerimRythm
TambDrone 2 Perc. Hit 8 The Palace Perc. Hit 6 Comb.Loop 10
Rythm Combo4 Rythm Combo Perc. Hit 11 PERC COMBO 4 PERC COMBO 5
Rythm Combo4 Ethnic Lead4 Ethnic Lead5