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Great Sounds For Roland's Powerhouse Synths
Each volume gives you 128 quality sounds for these fantastic synths. Please note the following volumes require expansion boards:
  • Vol 3 - Vintage Exp
  • Vol 4 - Pop Exp
  • Vol 5 - Orchestral Exp
  • Vol 6 - World Exp
  • Vol 7 - Dance Exp
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Volume #1 - Techno/Dance Volume #6 - Ethnic Mix*
Volume #2 - Soundtrack/Film Mix Volume #7 - Hip Hop/Dance Mix*
Volume #3 - Analog Heaven* Volume #8 - Classic Synths
Volume #4 - Pop/R&B Mix* Volume #9 - Studio Mix
Volume #5 - Acoustic Mix* Volume #10 - Killer Keyboards
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When Roland released the JV1080 and XP50 in 1994 it was another big step up from their earlier JV series ROM player synths. The most notable feature was the large amount of sounds that they held. Both the JV1080 and XP50 came with 512 Internal and 128 User programs as well as several drum kits (which is a nice amount in itself), but you could install an additional "four" SR-JV80 expansion boards which added another thousand programs. It was miles beyond what you could find in any other synths during the time and keyboard players went crazy for them. If that's not enough, a couple of years later Roland released the JV2080 which could hold up to a whopping "eight" expansions!

The expansion boards are what makes these instruments so versatile. The "Vintage Synths" and "Keyboards Of The 60's and 70's" are a must have and really make these synths stand out. The "World", "Session" and "Orchestral" boards also have lot's of great sounds included on them. You can have up to 42MB of sounds if you max them out with four expansions. All the sounds you will ever need for any live gig.

The JV and XP series synths have a large LCD screen although it's always a lot easier to use a computer editor when editing sounds. We like to use MOTU's "Unisyn" which has a great JV/XP editor included in the package. The JV-1080 and XP50 features 64-Voice polyphony, as well as 16-part multi-timbral capabilities. The XP50 has a 61-note velocity and aftertouch-sensitive keyboard and also a sequencer built in which holds up to 60,000 notes and 100 patterns. Both the JV and XP have a wide range of effects including reverb, chorus and 40 different insert effects such as rotary, phaser, delay and pitch shift. There are 10 Tone structures including two wave generators, time variant filters (TVFs) and time variant amplifiers (TVAs) as well as a ring modulator and bass booster. All very high tech for the mid 90's. The XP50 was followed by the XP60 and XP80 keyboards.

JV/XP Series Expansion Boards

With the great selection of ROM waves included, the JV and XP synths are capable of producing a wide range of cool sounds. It's great for synth basses and leads and excels at creating warm synth pads. The strings and electric pianos are also very good as well as it's ability to create a wide range of synth textures and effects. We spent a lot of time with these synths and produced a large library of sounds for them that brings out their best. Ten volumes with over 1000 sounds in all. Please note that Vols 3 through 7 require expansion boards. Vols 1-3 and 8-10 do not.

Our JV and XP series patches are available as system exclusive or standard midi files. The midi files can be loaded directly from your XP's floppy drive. No midi interface or sound card is needed. Sorry, but we no longer offer the sounds on the ROM, RAM or PCM carts as they were discontinued many years ago. Our sounds will also get you back in business if your JV or XP battery has died and you lost all the sounds in the memory. If you need any more info please contact us via phone or e-mail.