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Patch King Mix Volume 1

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A1-Hello From KN A2-Analog Bass A3-Moog Mania A4-Synth Organ
A5-DX7 Bass A6-Brass 5ths A7-Synth Strings A8-Scactissmo
B1-String Brass B2-Funk Bass B3-Filter Sweep B4-Orch Strings
B5-Mr.Sluggo B6-String 4ths B7-D50 Pad B8-Heavy Synth
C1-Wow Bass C2-Prophet POW C3-OB8 Pad C4-Synth Organ
C5-Synth Bass C6-ProtonMans B3 C7-B3 Part 2 C8-Mano A Mono
D1-Digital Bass D2-Woodwinds D3-DX7 Bass 2 D4-M1 Pad
D5-Genesis Organ D6-King Of Junos D7-Day Dream D8-DX Rhodes
E1-Purc Keys E2-Synth Tuba E3-Baby Glock E4-Metal Piano
E5-LFO A Mono E6-K1 Orchestra E7-Bells E8-Strings
F1-8:37 PM F2-Hole in 1 F3-Old Analog F4-Ob or not Ob
F5-Combo Keys F6-Organ Solo F7-Survivor F8-Fav String
G1-String Piano G2-Proto Piano G3-Marimbaish G4-Organic
G5-Proton Piano G6-Spaced Out G7-Overdrive Org G8-Big Boy
H1-Old ARP H2-Mello Organ H3-D50 Bells H4-60's Piano
H5-B3 Solo H6-Hold It H7-68 Mellotron H8-Chow For Now