Roland D50 and D550 Disk Loading Info

Most musicians who have a D50 keyboard or D550 rack usually use the old ROM and RAM data cards to load in new sounds. Since the cards are no longer available, we get many questions on exactly how to load in new sounds to the D50 and D550 via the midi port doing a system exclusive or bulk midi dump.

This is what you do:
1- D50 Midi Section
Page 1 - Set midi channel to channel 1
Use the arrow button to get to page 3 and set "exclu" (system exclusive) to ON

2- Hit data transfer button
Cursor to "B. Load" (Bulk Load) and hit enter
Display will read "Turn memory protect off once?" - hit write
Display will read "Are you sure" - hit enter

At that point the D50 should be ready to receive the data from the computer. Transmit the data using your software and if everything is set right it will load into your internal memory. If the data does not load then repeat step 2 again only at the last part where it say's "are you sure" hit enter and hold down the data transfer button. Sometimes the data transfer button has to be held down for the transfer to work.

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