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Patch King U20/U220 Collection

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1-KNP Rhodes 2-Vox E.Piano 3-Digital Piano 4-EP Strings
5-Vox Pads 6-Jupiter Pads 7-TV Strings 8-Bathsheba
9-M1 Pads 10-Hammond Organ 11-Rock Organ 12-Vox Organ
13-Bell Organ 14-Choir Organ 15-Analog Brass 16-Synth Trumpet
17-Poly Brass 18-Piano String 19-Piano String2 20-Shaku Strings
21-Vox AC Piano 22-Rock Vox 23-Organic Synth 24-Flute Pad
25-Voxy Rhodes 26-BassLeadSplit 27-BassPadSplit 28-BassBrass SP
29-Bass Piano 30-Layers 31-String Thing 32-East Of Java
33-Inch Marlow 34-New Ager 35-Super JX Pad 36-Prototype 7
37-Fat Fairlight 38-The Choir Boy 39-Fat Lead 40-Big Bottle
41-Indust Lead 42-Indust Lead2 43-Spacy Lead 44-May Day 93'
45-Orch Layers 46-Blue Bells 47-LUNA 48-Orch Strings
49-Orch String2 50-Wall-Eye 51-Shaku Dance 52-Piano Man
53-Spector 54-Voyetra 10 55-Voyetra 11 56-Deep Sea Bass
57-Spacy Bassy 58-Voxy Fretless 59-LA Bass 60-Funk Bass
61-Acoustic Bass 62-Techno Bass 63-Fret-Syn Bass 64-KNP Fretless