Loading Instructions For
XP50, XP60 & XP80 MIDI Files

If you don't have a MIDI interface or sound card, you can still load our sounds from floppy disk.
We can either e-mail or snail mail you a standard MIDI file. Just insert into your XP disk drive and follow these simple steps.

You can load in a .mid file one of two ways:

A- You can load the sounds directly from the Kid Nepro floppy disk and play off the disk.
You need to do this every time you want to use our sounds.

  1. Press Sequencer
  2. Cursor Under 00
  3. Turn dial until you find the Kid Nepro file
  4. Press Play and the data will load


B- You can load the sounds directly into your user 128 patch memory. This only has to be done once.
Our sounds stay in your "User Memory" until you load in something else.

  1. Press Utility
  2. Press 2 - Load
  3. Go to Option 1 - Select Song
  4. Select File , Press Enter - The data will load into your sequencer
  5. Press Play - The data will load into your user memory.

Don't forget to turn off the memory protect!