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Apple Loops For Garage Band and Soundtrack

Now you can access our massive collection of sounds in Apple's popular Garage Band and Soundtrack programs. Get grooving with our Amazing SP1200 Beats, Incredible M3 Proto Rock Program and Combi Loops and our Funky Triton and Karma Producers Mix. OVER 500 NEW LOOPS for Hip Hop, Techno, Rock, Rave, House and Industrial tracks. All have been "time sliced" and well organized so you can easily just drag and drop a cool mix together in minutes.

Just click on the speaker next to the file to listen to a mix before you buy. Each file has between 20 and 30 loops included in it and is only $5. That's only about 25 cents a loop! The best sounds at the best prices!

Delivery as downloadable files only. Pick the "FREE e-mail delivery" option and "WAV file" format.
AND.... the best part is that through the magic of the Internet, you can download your new Apple Loops the same day! Choose the files you want below and click on the Order button. Once your payment clears we'll contact you with the download info. Usually within hours.

Choose files below and click here to order now --->>
SP1200 Loops
4001- SP1200 Hip Hop Loops V1
4002- SP1200 Hip Hop Loops V2
4003- SP1200 Hip Hop Loops V3
4004- SP1200 House Loops V1
4005- SP1200 Industrial Loops
4006- SP1200 Rave Loops V1
4007- SP1200 Techno Loops V1
4008- SP1200 Techno Loops V2
4009- SP1200 Trance Loops
M3 Proto Rock Loops
4010- Proto Rock Program Loops V1
4011- Proto Rock Program Loops V2
4012- Proto Rock Radias Loops V1
4013- Proto Rock Radias Loops V2
4014- Proto Rock Combi Loops V1
4015- Proto Rock Combi Loops V2
4016- Proto Rock Combi Loops V3
Triton/Karma Producers Loops
4017- Triton Producers Program Loops V1
4018- Triton Producers Program Loops V2
4019- Triton Producers Program Loops V3
4020- Karma Hip Hop Loops
©1984-2018 Kid Nepro Productions - All Apple Loops sampled from our custom patch sound libraries.