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How do I load your ring tones into my Mobile phone?

Option #1 - Download To Your Computer After you place your order we set up a user name and password for you along with a web page to go to. We e-mail you the info and you go to the web page and download the ring tones.

The ring tones come as a .zip file. PC users unzip them using "winzip" and Mac users use "stuffit expander". If you don't have winzip or stuffit expander you can download them for free at; winzip.com or stuffit.com.

After you download you have to connect your computer and your mobile phone. If your computer and your phone both have "bluetooth" your all set. Just send the file from the computer to the phone and assign it as a ring tone. Just make sure your phone can import MP3 files before you place your order.

What Is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless way for electronic devices to communicate with one another. More info can be found at; bluetooth.com.

If your phone has bluetooth, but your computer does not you can purchase a "bluetooth dongle". A dongle is a device that you connect to your computers USB port which will give your computer bluetooth features and enable you to send files back and forth to the phone wirelessly. You can purchase one at the supermediastore.com.

If your computer and your phone do not have bluetooth you can also purchase a USB media reader which will let you drag and drop files from your computer to your phone. You can purchase one at; belkin.com.

Option #2 - Download Directly To Your Mobile Phone

If your phone is "GPRS Enabled" and can connect to the internet via "WAP" (Wireless Application Protocol) then your all set. We e-mail you a web address and you access the web page and download your new tones direclty to your mobile phone. Just save the tones in one of your phones folders and then assign as a ring tone. Easy as Pie!

When you place your order please write in the "comments" section of our online order form if you want to "Download to Computer" or "Download to Phone"

If you need any more info please contact us at; support@kidnepro.com