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Download Ring Tones For Your Mobile Phone

Download cool ring tones on your mobile phone and every time someone calls, your phone will ring with the music you like. Choose from a variety of ring tones in different categories, such as Hip Hop, Techno, Reggae, Rock, Pop, Classical, Bells and more. Just click on the speaker and listen before you buy. Only $5 per package. There are five original ring tones in each file so you only pay $1.00 for each ring tone!

All Real tones are created from our award winning sound libraries. Ring tones you will enjoy listening to over and over again. Turn your Mobile phone into a SP1200, MPC, Triton or Vintage Synthesizer with our Real tones. These are not just Mono or Polyphonic Midi Files. They are "REAL TONES". Quality digital samples created by musicians for musicians and all music lovers.

Ring tones are available in MP3 Audio format. Check your Mobile phone to make sure your phone can import MP3 files before ordering.

Delivery as downloadable files only. Pick the "FREE e-mail delivery" option and "WAV file" format and include the word "ring tones" in the comments section at our online order form.

And the best part is that through the magic of the Internet, you can download your ring tones the same day! Choose the files you want below and click on the Order button. Once your payment clears we'll contact you with the download info. Usually within hours. For more info on how to load our ring tones into your mobile phone CLICK HERE.

Choose files below and click here to order now --->>
3001- D50 Bells
3002- DX7 FM Bells
3003- Triton Bells
3004- Motif Bells
3005- Wavestation Bells
3006- Prophet VS Bells
3007- Analog Synth Bells
3008- Digital Synth Bells
3009- Karma Bells
3010- East Indian Bells
Rhythm & Beats
3011- SP1200 Hip Hop Beats
3012- MPC Hip Hop Beats
3013- Euro Techno Beats
3014- Reggae Beats
3015- Pop Rhythm & Beats
3016- New Age Rhythms
3017- Funk Rhythm & Beats
3018- Classical Melodies
3019- Karma Rhythm & Beats
3020- Triton Rhythm &Beats
Rhythm & Beats
3021- Wavestation R & B
3022- PPG Wave Mix
3023- World Rhythms
3024- Mellotron Mix
3025- Fairlight Mix
3026- Analog Mix
3027- Sound Effects
3028- Rock Rhythm &Beats
3029- Orchestral Mix
3030- Caribbean Mix
©1984-2008 Kid Nepro Productions - All Ringtones sampled from our custom patch sound libraries.