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Vintage Synths Volume 2
WAV - Reason - Kontakt

Now Available! More Vintage Synths Sounds From Five Classic Analog Instruments.
Available as a digital download in WAV, Reason or Kontakt file formats.

New samples from five of the best analog instruments ever produced!
Killer sounds from the ARP2600, Super Jupiter, Prophet-5, Prophet VS and Moog Modular Synths.
A cool mix of analog basses, leads, pads, strings and killer synth sounds
that many musicians spend big bucks for. Now at a fraction of the cost! ONLY $25.

Or....Save even more when you purchase our bundle packs!
Click on links to Native Instruments, Propellerheads or WAV CD-ROMS for more info.

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Vintage Synths V2 WAV Library Download - $20
Vintage Synths V2 Reason ReFill Download - $25
Vintage Synths V2 Library for Kontakt Download - $25
SPECIAL: 10 WAV CD Bundle Package Download - $100
SPECIAL: Ultimate Refill 7 ReFill Bundle Package Download - $100
SPECIAL: Kontakt 7 Pack Bundle Package Download - $100

The Patch King Vintage Synthesizers Volume 2 includes an amazing collection of new sounds from five classic synthesizers. Lot's of great leads, basses, pads, strings and analog synth sounds in WAV format or for Kontakt and Reason's NN-XT sample player.

Now without having to shell out all that cash for a vintage synth, you can now get the next best thing. Much care was taken to preserve the original sound when sampling the five classic synths. The sound is as close as you get to the real thing!

All WAV files are well organized for easy key mapping into your hardware or software sampler. Reason and Kontakt instruments are all set up for you. Just load and play!

(Includes 1.1 GB Samples and 100 instruments)

©1984-2018 Kid Nepro Productions - All Synth sounds sampled from our custom patch sound libraries.
ARP2600 Analog Strings ARP2600 Analog Strings 2 ARP2600 Big Bass ARP2600 Gabriel Strings
ARP2600 Heavy Weather ARP2600 Jarre Pulse ARP2600 Joe Z Lead ARP2600 Keith Lead
ARP2600 Lucky Lead ARP2600 Sample Hold ARP2600 Saw Bass ARP2600 Vintage Bass-Lead
ARP2600 Voyetra Lead MKS80 Big Bottom MKS80 Filter Sweep MKS80 Keith Lead
MKS80 Saw Synth MKS80 Synth Brass MKS80 Synth Keys Moog Modular Analog Bass
Moog Modular Analog Strings Moog Modular Bite Lead Moog Modular Filter Pad Moog Modular Filter Sweep
Moog Modular Johnsons World Moog Modular Lyle Pad Moog Modular Pad 5ths Moog Modular Rezo Synth
Moog Modular Synth Brass P5 9 Inch Lead P5 Analog Lead P5 ARP Lead
P5 Bass Master P5 Big Bass Lead P5 Big Bottom P5 Chic n Herbie
P5 Days Of OB8 P5 Electrix Band P5 Emerson Lead P5 Final Frontier
P5 Funky Bass P5 Genesis Pad P5 Genesis Synth P5 George Duke Bass
P5 Jupiter Bells P5 Classic Lead P5 Lucky Man Lead P5 Mello Pad
P5 Metalic Pad P5 Midnight Oasys Pad P5 Overdrive Bass P5 Pad Sweep
P5 Pro-1 Bass P5 Return To Forever Pad P5 Saw Bass P5 Shankar Lead
P5 Sine Lead P5 Soundtrack Pad P5 Spacy Pad P5 Spacy Pad 2
P5 The Glider P5 Tri State Lead P5 Tubular P5 Yan Fairlight Pad
PVS Arnold Bell Synth PVS Bow Strings PVS Chameleon Bass PVS CHUD FX
PVS Crystal Pad PVS DX Bass PVS Eastern Pad PVS ELP Bell Pad
PVS ELP Pad PVS Fab 4 Keys PVS For Mary PVS Funk Bass
PVS Godiva Synth PVS Hello From Kid Nepro PVS Jupiter Brass PVS Jupiter Saw
PVS Key Pad PVS Lucky Lead PVS Mello Pad PVS Mello Pad 5ths
PVS Miami VS PVS Mini Lead PVS More Moog PVS Mr Moog
PVS Nepro String PVS Nine AM PVS Plucked Pad PVS Prophet Bass
PVS Proto Somet PVS Saw Lead PVS Shankar PVS Soundtrack Pad
PVS Super Pad PVS Unison Synth PVS Voyetra PVS Warm Pad