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Kontakt Kings Collection
Kid Nepro's Kings Collection Mixes Sounds From Our Most Popular Sound Libraries

Get a cool mix of everything from Orchestral Strings and Brass to
Funk and Rock Guitars. All the Sound Effects from our Effectron Library and
Hundreds of Rhythm & Beats from our Triton/Karma Beat CD
Plus Much More...All On One CD-ROM!

Available in Native Kontakt Format: ONLY $25

SPECIAL BUNDLE: Download ALL SEVEN Kontakt CD-ROMS Only $100.

All sounds compatible with Native Instruments
Intakt, Kompakt and Battery samplers.
Pick the FREE email delivery at our online order form.
Get your new sounds today!

When ordering: Pick the "WAV File Format" and list what
version of Kontakt you have in our "comments section"

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Kings Download $25
SPECIAL: Kontakt 7 CD Bundle Package Download - $100
Pizzi Strings Bowed Orchestra Bowed Violins Cello Contra Bass
Double bass Marcato Marcato 2 Pizzi 2 String 5ths
The bow Viola Violin Bassoon Contra Bassoon
Clarinet Cornet Flugal Horn Oboe Orchestra FX
Orchestra Hits 1 Orchestra Hits 2 Piccolo Trombone Trumpet
Tuba Tuba 2 Bagpipe Church bell Harp Glissando
Harp Glissando 2 Sarangi Sarangi 2 Sitar Combi Sitar Max
Tambora Tubular Bell Tympani Bell Harmonica
Jump Brass Marimba Melo Brass OB Brass Steel Drum
Techno Riffs Vibes Xylophone 6 String Guitar Acoustic Guitar
Elec Guitar Funk Guitars Metal Guitar Pick Guitar Pluck Guitar
Rhythm Guitars Rhythm Guitars 2 Rock Guitars Rock Guitars 2 Rock Guitars 3
Assorted FX Crowds Guns-Rockets Jungle-Animals Machines
Nature Classic Synths Moss Rhythm Triton Beats Triton Beats 2
Karma Beats Karma Beats 2 Hits & Bits