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The Patch King Ultimate Reason ReFill
All eight refills containing our Wave Machine, Electric Guitars, Drum and Bass,
Killer Keyboards, Vintage Synthesizers V1 & V2,
SP1200 Library and Midi Mix all in one package for only $100.
Available as a Digital Download.

Over two gigs of new samples with thousands of amazing new sounds!
The best samples from our most popular sound collections.
Over 100 New Drum kits will have you creating killer beats in no time.
And...Hundreds of New REX Loops with super cool beats that will jump start your tracks.
Great Keyboards, Killer Synths and a Super Phat Mix Of Samples.

A great mix of everything you will need for
your next live gig or studio session. All set up for Reason. Just load and play!

When ordering: Pick the "WAV File Format" and list what
version of Reason you have in our "comments section"

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Reason Ultimate ReFill Download - $100

Electric Guitars ReFill includes 50 New .RNS and .sxt files with hundreds of new samples from our Vintage Electric Tele, Strat & Les Paul. Sounds include clean guitar samples and harmonics to heavy distorted, overdrive power leads and feedback. (260 MB / 50 Sets)

Drum & Bass Reason ReFill includes a massive collection of high-quality studio drums for reason redrum. Twenty drum kits are included with as many as 85 wav files in a kit. A total of over 800 single shot drum sounds. Also included are 50 new electric and acoustic bass programs for NN-XT sampler player containing a cool mix of funk, rock, hip hop, moog and sub basses. And for those of you looking for new drum loops, there are 260 rex files with a wide assortment from our Triton and Karma beat collections. (212 MB / 1110 sounds)

Vintage Synthesizers 1 & 2 ReFills includes a massive collection of analog and digital synth sounds from over 25 classic synthesizers. Heavy on leads, basses, pads and vintage & modern synth sounds for Reason's NN-XT sample player. Also included are 100 rex rhythm synth loops from our Triton classic synths and MOSS special collections. A great sonic resource for analog, digital, and retro rock sounds from some of the most popular synths ever made all in one affordable refill package. (353 MB / 122 instruments / 70 rex loops)

Midi Mix ReFill brings something new to the world of sampling. Only Kid Nepro can offer such a unique collection of sounds taken from our custom sound libraries. Midi Mix contains samples from over 20 of the best synthesizers released over the past three decades. All sounds are multi sampled from our custom made sound libraries and then layered together to create totally unique textures. Included in the refill are tons of Multi Pads, Analog & Digital Synths and Special Effects perfect for composers doing film scoring, commercial beds for video projects or new age and classic synth audio tracks. All set up to load into Reason via the NN-XT sample played. Midi Mix V1 is packed with sounds from Kid Nepro's Custom Soundtrack/Film and Classic Synth Collections. Synths sampled include; Korg Triton, Karma, Wavestation, Yamaha Motif, DX7, TX802, Roland D50, Super Jupiter (MKS80), Super JX (MKS70), Oberheim Matrix-12, Xpander, Sequential Prophet-5, Prophet-VS, Moog Mini Moog, Rogue and MORE! (471 MB / 100 instruments)

Killer Keyboards ReFill offers a vast array of keyboard sounds ranging from B3 and farfisa organs to rhodes and wurlitzer electric pianos, funky clavinets, acoustic pianos, electric grands and the most sought-after vintage keyboards. Get that sound from the 60's and 70's with our classic keyboard collection. Includes 88 multi-sampled keyboard instruments for NN-XT sample player. (366 MB / 88 instruments)

SP1200 Drum ReFill is the next best thing to having a real SP1200 beat box. Now without having to shell out all that cash for a vintage SP, you can now get the classic SP1200 sounds. We have now sampled our entire sound library into Reason format. Much care was taken to preserve the original sound of the SP when sampling the files and assembling the drum kits. The results are as close as you get to the real thing. Results with vary depending on the audio sound card that your using with your computer system. There are usually between 24 and 32 samples included in each drum kit. Drum kit's also include guitar, bass, horns, hits and sound effect samples. The Reason Refill also includes all the drum loops as REX files as well as several drum patterns recorded into Reasons sequencer as an additional bonus.

All our Reason sounds can be purchased as individual downloads for only $5. per file. Buy any six and get two FREE so you can get "Eight Files for only $30." An amazing collection of sounds assembled over twenty five years. You won't see a similar collection anywhere online.

You can get the Reason Ultimate Refill as a download for only $100. Just click on the above order buttons. Order the download delivery and you will be playing with your new sounds today! Want to hear some? Check out the above MP3 demo link and have a listen before you buy.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us.