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Drum & Bass Reason ReFill
The Kid Nepro Reason Drum/Bass Refill contains over
800 single shot drum samples in 20 custom drum kits
from our MPC Series, ASR10/ASR-X and SP1200 Sound Libraries.
Plus 50 Multi-Sampled Bass Instruments and 260 Bonus Drum Beats
from our Triton & Karma Rhythm and Beat Collections.

Super Phat Drums and Bass Sounds that will kick Reason
into "Hi-Groove Mode". New Kicks and Snares, Hip Hop Drum Kits,
Sub Basses and more. Perfect for Hip Hop, R&B, Techno or Dance tracks.

Download Available in Native Reason Format: ONLY $25

SPECIAL BUNDLE: Download ALL EIGHT Reason ReFills Only $100.

Pick the FREE email delivery. Get your new sounds today!

When ordering: Pick the "WAV File Format" and list what
version of Reason you have in our "comments section"

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Reason Drum-Bass ReFill Download - $25
SPECIAL: Ultimate Refill 8 ReFill Bundle Package Download - $100

The Patch King Drum & Bass Reason ReFill includes a massive collection of high-quality studio drums for reason redrum. Twenty drum kits are included with as many as 85 wav files in a kit. A total of over 800 single shot drum sounds. Also included are 50 new electric and acoustic bass programs for NN-XT sampler player containing a cool mix of funk, rock, hip hop, moog and sub basses. And for those of you looking for new drum loops, there are 260 rex files with a wide assortment from our Triton and Karma beat collections. (212 MB / 1110 sounds)

SPECIAL: Get our whole collection on the The Patch King Ultimate Refill. All eight refills containing our Wave Machine, Electric Guitars, Drum and Bass, Killer Keyboards, Vintage Synthesizers V1 & V2, SP1200 Library and Midi Mix all in one package for only $100. Available as a Digital Download.