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Midi Mix Reason ReFill
Soundtrack/Classic Synth Mix
100 new programs including: Multi Pads, Analog/Digital Synths & Special FX

Layered samples from more than 20 of
the best synthesizers released over the past three decades.

Available as download for Reason NN-XT Sampler: ONLY $25

SPECIAL BUNDLE: Download ALL EIGHT Reason ReFills Only $100.

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Reason Midi Mix Download $25
SPECIAL: Ultimate ReFill 8 ReFill Bundle Package Download - $100

The Patch King Midi Mix ReFill brings something new to the world of sampling. Only Kid Nepro can offer such a unique collection of sounds taken from our custom sound libraries. Midi Mix contains samples from over 20 of the best synthesizers released over the past three decades. All sounds are multi sampled from our custom made sound libraries and then layered together to create totally unique textures.

Included in the refill are tons of Multi Pads, Analog & Digital Synths and Special Effects perfect for composers doing film scoring, commercial beds for video projects or new age and classic synth audio tracks. All set up to load into Reason via the NN-XT sample player

Midi Mix V1 is packed with sounds from Kid Nepro's Custom Soundtrack/Film and Classic Synth Collections. Synths sampled include; Korg Triton, Karma, Wavestation, Yamaha Motif, DX7, TX802, Roland D50, Super Jupiter (MKS80), Super JX (MKS70), Oberheim Matrix-12, Xpander, Sequential Prophet-5, Prophet-VS, Moog Mini Moog, Rogue and MORE! (471 MB / 100 instruments)

SPECIAL: Get our whole collection on the The Patch King Ultimate ReFill. All eight refills containing our Wave Machine, Electric Guitars, Drum and Bass, Killer Keyboards, Vintage Synthesizers V1 & V2, SP1200 Library and Midi Mix all in one package for only $100. Available as a Digital Download.