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Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000/2002

Classic Samples For The Prophet 2000-2002
& Studio-440

82 Disk Image Sample Library

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Prophet Series Sound Lists
101 Orch.Strings,Fre.Horn,Timp 256K 102 TR808 Rap Sounds 256K
103 Orchestra Strikes 512K 104 Banjo 256K
105 Orchestra Percussion 256K 106 Marimba, Koto 256K
107 Rock Drums 256K 108 Baritone Sax 256K
109 Grand Piano 256K 110 Bassoon 256K
111 Rhodes Piano 256K 112 Thriller Movie Opening 256K
113 CD Power Drums 256K 114 Church Bells 256K
115 Slap Bass Guitar 256K 116 Sounds from Poltergeist 512K
117 Flugal Horns 256K 118 James Brown 256K
119 Rock Guitar-Power Chords 256K 120 Crowd Noise 256K
121 Tubular Bells 256K 122 Digital Strings 512K
123 Rhythm Section-Bass, Synths 256K 124 Cello 512K
125 12 String Guitar 512K 126 Steel Drums 256K
127 Percussion Instruments #1 512K 128 Trombone 512K
129 Tuba 512K 130 String Ensemble #2 512K
131 Percussion Instruments #2 512K 132 Double Bass/Cello 512K
133 Metal Pipes 512K 134 English Horn/Bassoon/Flute/Horn 512K
135 Flute, Piccolo 256K 136 OB8 #1 512K
137 OB8 #2 512K 138 Assorted Horns 512K
139 Brass Ensemble 512K 140 Trumpets/Brass Hits 256K
141 Metal Guitar, Gun Shot, Screaming 256K 142 French Horn 512K
143 String Ensemble 512K 144 MIDI Mix #1 512K
145 Orchestra & Choir 256K 146 MIDI Mix #2 512K
147 Steinway Grand Piano 88 keys 512K 148 MIDI Mix #3 512K
149 Phophet 5 Assorted Sounds 512K 150 Trumpets 512K
151 DX7 Assorted Sounds 512K 152 Wood Flute 512K
153 6 String Guitar 512K 154 STRINGS & BRASS 256K
155 Sound Effects #2 256K 156 Digital Synth Bell 512K
157 Moog Bass 256K 158 Pipe Organ 512K
159 5 MIDI Bass Sounds 512K 160 Fantasia 512K
161 Emulator Orchestra Hits 256K 162 Digital Strings 512K
163 Future Pad 512K 164 Breath Flute 512K
165 Simmons Drums 256K 167 Choir 256K
169 Strings 256K 173 Lynn Drum 512K
175 Sitar 256K 176 PIPE & JAZZ ORGAN 256K
177 Bosendorfer Grand Piano 256K 178 Sexy Breathy Female Voice 256K
179 Arp 2600 Analog Synth 512K 180 Stacked DX7's and Fairlight 256K
181 Cymbal Crashes 512K 182 Nepro Super Strings

Please Note: Our Prophet 2000/2002 sounds are now available as "Disk Images" only and delivered by our free "Download Delivery". Please check the above link, which fills you in on exactly how it works. We've tried to provide the sounds on floppy disks for as long as possible. However, I'm sorry to say that we have discontinued delivering libraries on floppy disk. The good news is the disk image files are exactly the same as the floppys and cost half as much. You just have to create your own floppys from the images. We provide a app that lets you do that. Or, if you have a USB Floppy Drive Emulator connected to your sampler that replaces the floppy drive, you can save the images to that device and load the sounds from that.

Sequential Circuits continued their innovative musical instrument designs when in 1986 they released the Prophet-2000 digital sampler. At the time, there were only a handful of affordable samplers on the market. Ensoniq had just released the Mirage and EMU was having great success with their Emulator-II. However, both of these were 8 bit machines. The Prophet was the first affordable 12 bit sampler which meant that it sounded a lot better then the Mirage or EII. Not only was it the first twelve bit sampler, but it was also the first true multitimbral instrument. At the time, all the other MIDI devices on the market would only respond on a single MIDI channel, the Prophet responded on all 16 Midi channels.

Once the word got around about the great sound and multitimbral features, keyboards players lined up to purchase the P2000. It sold very well for Sequential. When they released the Prophet-2002 rackmount version a few months later, they doubled the memory capacity to 512K. You could also buy an extra 256K for your 2000. The 2002 had some other improvements over the 2000. it responded to aftertouch and a more stable OS. Both the Prophet-2000 and 2002 have analog VCF's and VCA's which give you analog programming control over the sounds you sample.

Sequential continued development of the P2000 sampling concept, and by the US Winter NAMM show of 1987, they were showing the Studio 440, a combination sampling drum machine/sequencer with built-in trigger pads. The Studio 440 didn't have to wipe sequencer memory to make a new sample (like the Linn 9000), it was affordable and it loaded Prophet 2000 samples straight from floppy disk. The Studio 440 actually offered several improvements over the design of the 2000. The division of the memory into two separate chunks was gone, so you could now use the whole 512K to make a single 12-second sample if you wanted to.

Sequential Studio-440

On a personal note, the Prophet-2000 was my first digital sampler which I got directly from Barbara Fairhurst at Sequential Circuits. I was well known at Sequential for being the guy with the Rev-1 Prophet-5 (serial #101) which never worked right. It was in for repairs so many times that Sequential practically gave me a new Prophet 2000 to make up for all the problems I had with the Prophet-5. Great customer support. Thanks Barbara! When I first received the Prophet, I can remember loading in the factory drum kit disk and hearing drum sounds on a keyboard for the first time just blew me away. It was one of those musical moments that I won't forget.

The Kid Nepro sound library is available on floppy disks and compatible with the Prophet-2000, Prophet-2002, Studio-440 and the Oberheim DPX-1 sample player. Note that some disks are 256k and others are 512k so check your Prophet to make sure you have 512k memory before ordering any of the disks marked 512K.

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