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Volume 1 - Studio/Session Mix

As usual, great care was taken to produce a set of sounds much different then the factory collection. We take a good look at the factory sounds and "fill the gaps". Each of our upcoming Motif soundbanks will have this in mind as we create the collection. We have lot's more suprises for the Motif that will be released during 2004 so stay tuned.

With the Studio/Session mix, our goal was to create a soundbank that would be useful for musicians doing live gigs or studio sessions. There are plenty of keyboards, strings, guitars & basses, leads, brass, winds and other similar type sounds. They can be used in a wide range of styles including, Rock, Raggae, R&B, Dance and even Church Services. Attention to real time control details like mod wheel and aftertouch give each program a more realistic sound and will give you greater control and more expressive playing in your music.

The Motif has an excellent effect section which we used extensively. Check out the Wah-Clavinet patch on out first MP3 demo (Rasta beat). It's right out of an old Bob Marley record. The Rotary effect on some Guitar patches reminded us of that Beatles sound when they put George Harrisons guitar through a leslie speaker cabinet. The effect section makes the electric guitar sounds in this collection some of the finest you will find anywhere on any instrument. A good example is the Rock guitar at the end of our third MP3 demo (Rock Session).

Many people have commented that the Motif Acoustic pianos are weak and would like more piano sounds. What we have done is to "layer" the Motif acoustic piano sound with other samples (Strings, Choirs, Pads, Horns ect). The layering of the two sounds make the piano sound better since it is not as "exposed" as it would be by itself. The effect is very useful for Studio/Session work.

There are no rhythmic patterns using the Motif arpeggiators. We have purposely stayed away from that kind of sound since those sounds will be found in great numbers in our upcoming Motif soundbanks.

Check out our MP3 demo for a taste of what is on Studio/Session Mix.

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001 KN E-Grand 002 Chorus Piano 003 EP-Choir 004 E-Grand 2 005 Piano Pad
006 Piano Pad 2 007 Delay Piano 008 KN Rhodes 009 Wah-EP 010 Farfisa Org
011 Purple Org 012 Overdrive B3 013 KN Pipe Org 014 Funk Clav 015 70's Funk
016 D6 Clavinet 017 Lucky Dude 018 Phat Lead 019 The Machine 020 50's Sci-Fi
021 Nasty Boy 022 KN Lead 023 OB8 Lead 024 Distort Lead 025 Micro Lead
026 Prince lead 027 Fat N Sassy 028 Rock Lead 029 LA Lead 030 Combo Lead
031 Talk lead 032 Voice Lead 033 Punchy Bass 034 Rezo Bass 035 Tech Bass
036 Rasta Bass 037 Iron Bass 038 Duke's Clav 039 Fretless 040 Slap Bass
041 Deep Bass 042 B3 Bass 043 TB Bass 044 Pick Bass 045 Pro-5 Bass
046 FM Funk 047 Wah Bass 048 Wah Bass 2 049 Dark Whisper 050 Orch Pad
051 Key Pads 052 Outer Limit 053 Drift Away 054 Rivendale 055 Cosmose
056 Flute Pad 057 IOU 058 Glass Pad 059 Choir Pad 060 Pro-5 Pad
061 Slow Hand 062 Nepro Pads 063 Warm Pad 064 Melo Pad 065 Orch String
066 Pizz String 067 String Mix 068 Solo String 069 3 Oct String 070 Rhythm String
071 Choir String 072 Slow String 073 Melo String 074 String Sect 075 Brass String
076 Choir String 2 077 String Piano 078 String Rhodes 079 String 4th 080 Synth String
081 Rock Guitar 082 Drive Guitar 083 Dist Guitar 084 Flang Strat 085 Wah Guitar
086 Feed Lead 087 Metal Guitar 088 Guitar God 089 AC Guitar Pad 090 Guitar Pad 2
091 Guitar Pad 3 092 Fab 4 Guitar 093 Rotary AC 094 AC Mix 095 60's FX Mix
096 Vintage Strat 097 Mute Brass 098 Solo Flugal 099 Brass Hits 100 Brass Mix
101 Wind Mix 102 Double Reed 103 Flute Oboe 104 Sax Man 105 Melo Pipes
106 Choir Pipes 107 Good Vibes 108 Spacy Bach 109 Piano Choir 110 Piano Choir 2
111 Chr Rhodes 112 Trem Rhodes 113 Rock Organ 114 Jazz Organ 115 Draw Bars
116 Trump Horn 117 Wind Ting 118 Kings Brass 119 Dem Bones 120 Trump Sec
121 Glide Pad 122 Slow Glide 123 Scottish Pipes 124 Sitarish 125 Bow Strings
126 Good Pickin 127 Rock Power 128 Phat Brass