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The Prophet VS Rack is one of the most unique synths from Sequential. It is a digital synth utilizing vector synthesis for sound generation. It contains 4 oscillators per voice with 127 waveforms. It also features 2 LFOs, a Curtis low pass analog filter with digital controls, envelopes, arpeggiator, built-in effects and is MIDI equipped. The VS rack is a pretty rare synth, with total production figures of around 900 for the rack version. 

Serial #2402-0136. Needs a little work, but overall in great condition. The display works, but the light is out. The Left/Phones input jack works, but as you can see from the pict, part of the plastic is broken and should be replaced. Some of the buttons on the front panel sometimes stick and need to be pressed more then once, but always work.

Besides the minor issues, it’s very clean. Comes with Kid Nepro 100 custom made sounds. You can still get parts from Wine Country and can probably get it back to 100% for about $1-2 hundred US dollars. We are selling “as is” so you have to cover the costs of the described repairs. We guarantee the above description is accurate, but the buyer will have to cover the costs of the described repairs.