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Patch King Mix Volume 2

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11-King Of Patches 12-Wurli Piano 13-Pro AC Piano 14-AC Piano 2
15-AC Piano 3 16-Piano-Bass Combo 17-Bass-E-P Combo 18-Hard Rhodes EP
21-String-Organ Mix 22-B3:Click Organ 23-Heavy Pipe Organ 24-Farfisa Org
25-Bass-Organ Combo 26-Analog Bass 27-Phat Synth Bass 28-Acoustic Bass
31-Bass-Pad Splits 32-Anna Digit Pads 33-Mello Pads 34-Super JX Pads
35-Proton Pads 36-Orch Strings 37-Strings Things 38-Synth Strings
41-KNP Flute 42-KNP Horn 43-KNP Sax 44-KNP Oboe
45-Skin Flute 46-KNP Double Reed 47-Space Flute 48-Hollow Reed
51-Screamin Lead 52-Analog Lead 53-Chicks Lead 54-Scrachin Lead
55-MKS80 Lead 56-Prophet 5 Jam 57-OB8 Jam 58-Techno Synth
61-MKS70 Synth Pad 62-Double Edge Sword 63-Voxy Choir 64-Analog Orchestra
65-Funkmaster 66-Kitaro 67-M1 Bell Voice 68-Voyetra 10
71-SonOf Wavestation 72-Vocoder 73-Classic LA Synth 74-Near The Sea
75-Funky Clavi 76-Slow Sweeper 77-Percussive Synth 78-PPG Waveish
81-Techno Stew 82-Soundtrack Effect 83-Outer Limits 84-DEP Drum
85-D50 Chimes 86-Loop 24 87-Frank Bashwank 88-July 89 KNP