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Volume 10 - Killer Keyboards

"Killer Keyboards" contains 128 new Keyboard patches perfect for studio sessions or live gigs. All Keyboard sounds in one easy to load soundbank.

No expansion boards are necessary to access this soundbank.

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FM Rhodes Dyno Rhodes Wa Wa Rhodes Hard Rhodes Flange Rhodes
Stereo Rhodes Mod Rhodes Verb Rhodes Chorus Rhodes Vibrato Rhodes
EP Pop Voice Soft Rhodes Cool Rhodes Wurli EP Cool Wurli
RMI E-Piano EP Choir EP Choir 2 EP Choir 3 EP PopVoice2
Elec Grand Elec Grand2 Rotor Grand Chorus Piano Chorus Piano2
Studio Mix Flange Piano Piano Pad Piano Strings Piano Strings2
Piano Strings3 Piano Strings4 Piano Choir Piano Choir2 Piano Choir3
Piano Pad2 Piano Pad3 Piano Pad4 Toy Piano Harpisichord
Harpisichord2 Harpisichord3 Harpisi Choir DX7 E Piano DX7 E Piano2
DX7 E Piano3 EP Mix Digital EP Piano Organ Piano Organ2
Piano Organ3 Piano Organ4 Piano Organ5 EP Organ EP Organ2
EP Organ3 EP Organ4 D6 Clavinet D6 Clavinet2 Mo Funk
Funk Clav Sir Funk Saw Clavi Mono Funk Poly Funk
Rock Organ Rock Organ2 Rock Organ3 Rock Organ4 Rock Organ5
Hammond B3 Booker B3 Rotary Organ Jazz Organ Click Organ
Pipe Organ Church Organ Mello Pipes Mello Pipes2 Old Pipes
60's Organ Farfisa Organ Rockit Organ Flange Organ BubbleGum Org
Jazz Organ2 Jazz Organ3 Box Organ Organ Mix Organ Mix2
Organ Mix3 Organ Mix4 Organ Mix5 Organ Mix6 Organ Mix7
Organ Mix8 Organ Mix9 Organ Mix10 Organ Mix11 Lead Organ
Lead Organ2 Piano Mix Piano Mix2 Piano Mix3 Piano Mix4
Piano Mix5 Phase EP Trem EP Delay EP WA EP
StepFlang EP Flange EP TripDelayEP Mod Del EP RMI Flang
PianoPad FX PianoPadFX2 PianoPadFX3 PianoStringFX PianoStringFX2
PianoStringFX3 KeyMix Step Key Mod FX Key Mix FX Key Mix FX2
Key Mix FX3 Phaze B3 Organ Delay Key Choir FX