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Volume 9 - Studio Mix

"Studio Mix" contains 128 new patches perfect for studio sessions or live gigs. Evrything you need in one easy to load soundbank.

No expansion boards are necessary to access this soundbank.

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Flange Rhodes Stereo Rhodes Mod Rhodes Verb Rhodes Bread Rhodes
Dyno Rhodes Wurli EP FM Rhodes Piano Pad Piano Strings
Piano Strngs 2 Piano Strngs 3 Piano Strngs 4 Piano Choir Piano Choir 2
Piano Choir 3 EP Choir EP Choir 2 EP Choir 3 EP Pop Voice
Hammond B3 Farfisa Organ Pipe Organ Spacy Organ Rotary B3 Org
Rock Organ Rock Organ 2 Rotary Organ Church Organ 60's Organ
AC Guitar + Mute Guitar OverdriveGuitar Distort Guitar Heavy Guitar
Power Guitar J Winter Guitar Beck Guitar Wah Guitar Wah Guitar 2
Wah Guitar 3 6 str Guitar AC Guitar Phaze Guitar Chorus Guitar
FlangeGuitar Mod Guitar Funk Solo Funk Solo 2" Guitar Harmnx
Tron Strings Phaze Strings Phat Strings Rotor Strings Movement
Soft Pad Stereo String Cool Pad Warm Pad Phat Pad
Solo Cello Slow Strings Flange Strings Moody Strings Synth Brass
Jump Brass LA Brass Horn Section Soprano Sax Alto Sax
Solo Trumpet Flute Clarinet Oboe Shaku Flute
Blow Pipe D50 Brass Mod Brass Sequence Brass Wah Brass
ELP Lead Sinewave Lead Chicks Lead Prophet Lead Delay Lead
HevyDelayLEA Spacy Lead Wah Lead SQ Wave Lead PW Wave Lead
Fretless Bass Sub Bass Spectrum Bass Analog Bass Deep Bass
Mod Bass Funk Bass Bugu Bass ARP2600 Bass Sub Bass 2
101 St Bell Pad ModModWorld ICIS Funk Clavi
MO Funk D3 Clavinet D3 Clavinet2 Harmonica Dem Bones
MutedTrumpet Power Chord Phaze Organ For The Captain Slide Guitar
Prof Bos Zoe Eastern Lead Slow Strings For Volpe
Chorus Piano Chorus Piano2 Elec Grand PianoString5 Flange Piano
Elec Grand 2 Rotor Grand StudioMix 98