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Akai MPC Sample Library V1

Click here for
MPC Millennium-1
Digital Sample Library
for MPC2000 • MPC2000-XL • MPC4000
MPC Renaissance • MPC Live • MPC X

Phat Sounds for your MPC from "The Patch King"
50 Custom Programs for the MPC2000, MPC2000-XL, MPC4000
MPC Renaissance & MPC Live & MPC X
All samples are Pre-Mapped across the pads for you.
Just load and play!!

Millennium-1 is Heavy on Drums & Bass with new Guitars, Horns, Strings
...and Lot's More Hits and Bits>

A Total of Over 1000 Samples For Only $30

CD-ROM or Download
Or Floppy Disk Format
Also Available as Disk Images via download delivery.

SPECIAL BUNDLES: Get Any Two Millennium Disks for $50
or Get All Three Millennium Series CD's or Download for Only $80

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Millennium 1 CD-ROM - Only $30
Millennium 1 and 2 CD-ROMs - Only $50
Millennium 1 and 3 CD-ROMs - Only $50  
All 3 Millennium CD-ROMs - Only $80  
Hip Hop Drums V1 Linn 9000 Drums Gangsta Drums Rare Groove Drums Megamix Drums
Rock Power Drums Latin Drums & Perc Live Acoustic Drums Hip Hop Kiks & Snares V1 Hi Hats & Cymbals
Funk Drums V1 Funk Drums V2 Classic Beat Boxes SP1200 Kicks & Snares V1 SP1200 Kicks & Snares V2
SP1200 Hi-Hats OB DMX Drums Raggae RX5 Kit Raggae RX7 Kit Hip Hop Mix 1
Hip Hop Mix 2 Rap-22 Drums Bacon & Grits Drums Macaroni & Cheez Drums Assorted Snares
Analog Drum Kit Nepro 808 Rap Kit Simmons Drums Metal Drums House Drums
Orchestral Percussion Ethnic Percussion Mini Moog Basses Hip Hop Basses Hip Hop Basses V2
Hip Hop Basses V3 Hip Hop Basses V4 Acoustic/Electric Basses Digital - Analog Basses Digital - Analog Basses 2
Electric Guitars Hip Hop Horns Orchestra Strings 1 Orchestra Strings 2 Club Vocal Bits 1
Club Vocal Bits 2 Orchestra Hits Hip Hop Drums V2 Hip Hop Drums V3